A vacation is a time for you to sit back, unwind, relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. The last thing you need is to worry about your pet while you are gone. To make sure you have an easy, carefree vacation, ensure your pet is well taken care of as well. The best way to do this is to board your pet in a facility that is comfortable, loving and staffed with highly trained professionals.

Boarding vs. Pet Sitters

dog boarding while on vacation

Making arrangement for your pet at a boarding facility will ensure a worry-free vacation.

Many pet owners like the idea of pet sitters visiting their home to take care of their pets while they are away. The dogs and cats get to stay in a comfortable environment for the duration of the vacation. Unfortunately, this is seldom the right choice. A pet that is allowed to stay at home may have a sudden medical emergency while the pet sitter is gone. Dogs and cats alike may escape and become lost. They might cause damage to property. They may become a nuisance to neighbors.

For all of these reasons, choosing a pet hotel is a better option. These facilities often have veterinarians on site or they are a quick phone call away. The animals are watched and/or accounted for at all hours. They are kept in areas that ensure they will not harm themselves or others. If that is still not convincing enough, boarding facilities are generally much less expensive than pet sitters.

Choosing the Best Pet Care Facility

A pet owner might worry that the pet care facility is not suited for the needs of that particular dog or cat. You can alleviate those worries by paying a visit to the site. Ask for a tour and a schedule of all of the activities throughout the day. Request to see the area where dogs are allowed to walk and play. Every reputable facility will be more than happy to allow you to inspect the premises.

If you are still concerned, you can do a trial run of the facility. Ask to board your pet for one night to see how he or she accepts this new environment. The boarder might have a doggie daycare option, which would allow you to board your pets for a few hours rather than overnight. Your pet’s demeanor upon pickup will allow you to properly assess if he or she is happy and treated well.

Professional Boarders vs. Veterinarians

Your pet’s veterinarian may have an option to board dogs and cats while you are away. It may seem reasonable to assume that this is the best place to stay due to easy access to healthcare. There are other factors to consider when deciding to use a vet instead of a professional boarder.

Most veterinarian cages are much smaller than dog hotels. This should be a primary concern, especially if you will be gone for a significant number of days. In addition, other animals being held at the veterinarian may be under duress. A great many of these dogs and cats are undergoing treatments and surgeries. Their pain and suffering could easily affect your pet.

Boarding while you travel is a kind, thoughtful and safe choice for both dogs and cats. Make sure to schedule your pet’s stay well in advance so you can be certain to have optimal space for the dates you need. Your pet will be happy and you can enjoy your holiday free from guilt or worry. Are you going away on the holidays and need boarding for your pet? Call Fon Jon Pet Care at 858-490-2117 so you can have a worry-free vacation.