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Dog Boarding San Diego

  • Our unique dog kennel allows us to maintain climate control indoors with access to an outdoor patio. This means that your camper will feel right at home, able to sleep inside their own private den at night, and in the morning they can pass through their patio door to their own outdoor covered patio.

  • All dog boarders are fed in the morning then are taken out for their playtimes.

  • Social dog boarders will be taken to our outdoor play yard where they will play with other social campers as well as pet technicians!

  • At the end of the day, all boarders are escorted back to their private den, where they are fed dinner, and settle in for a relaxing night of sleep after a full day of play!

  • We provide dog boarders with essential camp gear, so you don’t have to bring anything with them! We have a variety of bedding options, toys, treats, water bowls, and we even provide our own food at no extra cost!

Fon Jon Pet Care provides the best dog boarding in San Diego and our facility is specially designed for the comfort of your dog!

Dog Boarding Camper Requirements


All Campers are required to provide proof of up to date vaccinations prior to check-in. The following vaccinations are required for all campers:

geriatric Pets & Pets With Recent Injuries / Cones

Please note that we DO NOT board pets older than 9 years old or pets with recent injuries, casts, cones, or in need of injections. We recommend boarding at your veterinary office in case your pet requires medical care during their dog boarding stay. 

*Registration required before drop off! No walk-ins allowed!

Social Campers

All campers participating in any social play must be neutered or spayed.

The Owner agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts of behavior of said pet while it is in the care of Fon Jon Pet Care, to include payments of costs for injury to itself, or damage to facilities caused by the pet. Injuries may include but are not limited to viruses/bacterial infection, giardia, hot spots, tendon/ligament tears, ACL, fractures, lacerations, abrasion/cut on nose, and punctures.

Reservation Deposit

*During major holiday peak times (Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s), we require a $70 reservation deposit per pet. This deposit will also go towards your pet’s stay. If you no longer need your reservation, you must cancel at least 10 days before your check-in date in order to receive a refund for your deposit.

Holidays At Fon Jon Pet Care

We love the holidays here at Fon Jon Pet Care, almost as much as the dogs here! During the holiday season, we do experience a few changes that we would like to make all of our clients aware of!

Campers with additional needs please see the reservation page!


Holiday Deposit

Due to increased volume during the holiday season, we require a $80 reservation deposit per pet to guarantee your stay. This is required for major holiday peak times (Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s). You must cancel at least 10 days before your check-in date to receive a full refund for your deposit.

Hours Of Operation

During the holidays our hours of operation do change to accommodate the holiday rush. Please call to verify our hours during the holidays.


Please note that during our peak holiday seasons, all dog boarding packages will have a $10 price adjustment and Deluxe will have a $20 price adjustment. We also do not offer the new client discount during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.

Personal Items

Due to increased volume, during the holidays we provide all toys, bedding, and water bowls. Other than food and medication, we will not accept personal items. If you are providing your own food or medication, we ask that it is individually bagged per feeding, per pet.

Dog Boarding Packages

Deluxe Camper
Group Play $110
*Private Play $120
Deluxe indoor suite with private outdoor turfgrass patio
All day group play OR two private playtimes*
A daily walk to exercise your canine friend
Delicious breakfast & dinner
All camp gear provided
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VIP Camper
Group Play $65
*Private Play $75
Private indoor dog house with private outdoor patio
All Day Group Play OR Two Private Playtimes*
Delicious breakfast & dinner
All camp gear provided
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Standard Camper - $60
Private indoor dog house with private outdoor patio
Two potty breaks in private yard
Delicious breakfast & dinner
All camp gear provided
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Dog Boarding Activities

Studies show that a lot of daily activities are necessary for a happier and healthier dog! This is our driving motivation to commit to making this vacation the best your dog has ever had. We highly recommend for you to take advantage of daily add-on activities. This will keep your pet looking forward to the next day!

Additional Private Playtime:
$11.00/1 Private Playtime

*New Client Discount off the first invoice* (not applicable during major holidays)
For private campers, a pet technician will escort your camper to one of our private play yards, where they will play with our technicians. Private playtime can only be added to our VIP, Deluxe, and Executive packages. Each additional private playtime (one playtime) will be an $11.00 charge.

Frosty Paw Ice Cream:

After a long day of playing we love to cool our pups down with a delicious Frosty Paw Ice Cream Treat (dog-friendly peanut butter and/or vanilla-flavored ice cream).

Busy Bone Treat:

A busy bone treat is a Kong filled with peanut butter and treats! It is a great way to keep your furry friend busy throughout the day!

Sniff n Stroll:

To maintain a similar routine from home, your pet can enjoy a brisk walk with one of our kennel technicians down our street on Santa Fe!

Photo Club:

During your pet’s stay, we can offer you a personal photoshoot! Whether your dog is in the play yard with other dogs or in its own private playtime, we take up-close (adorable!) photos of your pet and send them to your personal email! Your pet will be right in your pocket for you to see all the fun they’re having!!

Holiday Dinner*:

During the holidays we love to provide our furry guests with a delicious dinner. Our delicious menu includes real oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, and pumpkin & cranberry cookies. *Available during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Birthday Party:

If you are dropping your pet off for dog boarding or daycare and it is their birthday– please let us know!! A birthday party includes a private gathering of your pet’s 3 closest friends (chosen by you or the staff), frosty paw ice cream treats for every pet, full party decorations, a feature on Instagram & Facebook, and photos of the whole party sent directly to your phone or email!

Provided Camp Gear

We encourage bringing your pet’s own food and medication. However, you do not have to bring anything other than your pet, their food, and medication. We provide all campers with bedding, food and water bowls, treats, toys, leashes, and collars. We can provide food (chicken & rice kibble) unless you would like to bring in your own food, individually bagged per serving.

~ Inside sleeping quarter* Standard & VIP (*note: sleeping quarter pictured is an example for smaller dogs) ~
~ Inside sleeping quarter of the Deluxe & Executive Suites ~