The Benefits of Neighborhood Walks During Overnight Dog Boarding

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Overnight dog boarding can be stressful if you are unsure of what to expect. Prior to taking your dog to a facility for dog boarding, talk with your provider about the services they offer. The best doggy daycare facilities offer clean beds, outdoor access, and regular playtime. However, another less common service that is highly… Read More

Traveling With Dogs: What You Should Know

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We all need a break. Traveling and experiencing a new place is the easiest way to give your mind a break from your usual routine. Leave the stress at home as you relax, dine and explore. However, when you’re a dog parent, vacationing may require some extra planning. For anyone traveling with dogs, keep reading… Read More

Exercising Your Dog in Summer: An Ultimate Guide

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Exercising your dog is a necessity and when the seasons change you must be equipped for the weather that the season brings. Summer is a tricky season for exercising your dog and keeping them safe in hot conditions is imperative. Avoiding heat exhaustion, heatstroke, burned paws, and other heat-induced conditions can be done by following… Read More

A Complete Guide to Exercising a Senior Dog (Part 1)

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Taking the dog for a walk is a healthy, wholesome activity for both humans and animals. It’s a great source of exercise, promotes bonding, and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Dogs love it too – but sometimes, special allowances have to be made for dogs who are past their prime.   How often should senior dogs… Read More