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Basic Dog Training Tips

Training a dog, whether a new puppy you’ve just brought home or your dog that you’ve had for years who has developed some habits that need changing, is never easy. Even with the best dog, training takes a lot of time and patience and can be difficult, so we’ve listed…

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Puppy Training – 5 Tips for Success

Puppy training can seem like an intimidating task and you may not know where to start. Puppies are so full of energy and being in the new environment of your home can increase their energy and need to explore their new surroundings. While puppy training may not be an easy…

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Training Tips – Recall!

Recall Training Welcome to our first ever installment of Fon Jon's Training Tips Series. With the success of our Doggie Daycare blog, the revered Manuel Villanueva has deemed me worthy of scribing his wealth of knowledge to share with you so that you can better understand your dog and become…

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Dog Training is an Ongoing Thing

When it comes to dog training, many are mistaken into thinking that once their dog’s obedience training is completed, there is nothing else that needs to be done. This is a huge misconception. Like learning something new, such as a musical instrument, sport, or even language, we constantly need to…

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