Kally N.

I LOVE FON JON! I was a first time dog mom, and I was super-nervous to put her in daycare all day, but they answered all my emails/phone calls throughout my dog’s first day. They even posted her on their Instagram story, so I could check in and see how she was doing all day. The staff is so kind, and I can tell how much my dog loves them – her tail starts wagging, and she basically jumps into their arms when I drop her off. They also do super cute activities on the holidays (Christmas, they made my dog’s paw ornament, and Valentine’s Day, they made valentine’s from her puppy boyfriend!), which is under-rated soooo cute and appreciated. I would recommend Fon Jon for everyone – a great way to get your active pup’s energy out! Really just such a wonderful place!!!!!
Also, I have left my dog here for a few nights when I was on vacation, and she came back happy and smelling great from her bath! I’m such a huge fan. I couldn’t possibly leave my dog in better hands.