The Five Easiest Dogs to Train

Whether you’re a first time dog owner, or a seasoned pro, everyone knows that training a new dog is difficult. If you are in the market for an easy-to-train dog, the following are the five easiest dogs to train. These dogs all have high intelligence, and love their owners. However, just because a dog is easier to train, doesn’t mean they need less love, exercise, or attention.


What Makes a Dog Easy to Train

There are certain characteristics that make dogs easier to train. Breed, physical traits, and motivations all contribute to if a dog is easy to train. The dogs on this list are considered trainable by how they rank on the following:

  • Motivated by food: Dogs that can be motivated by food, or other methods, are considered easy to train. However, some dogs aren’t motivated by food, if your dog isn’t food motivated you can learn other training methods here.
  • Temperament/Demeanor: This only contributes to train-ability if there is other dogs nearby. If the dogs on the list, aren’t for you, there are a lot more easy to train dogs. You can you use this tool to find your perfect match here.
  • Focus level: Dogs that are easy to train are focused on their owners. When looking for a dog, see if they are focusing on you.
  • Eager to please: Herders are very eager to please, which is why they are usually easy to train. If a herder is too high maintenance for you, there are a lot of dogs that were bred to please their owners.


Easiest Dogs to Train

Border Collie:

Border Collie

Borders are eager to please and rank highly on the intelligence scale. Border’s eyes intensively focus, a trademark of their herding nature. They are highly energetic and do need outlets for this energy. This energy, however, adds to the fact that they are easily trained. Borders need a job to expend their energy, and please their owners. Any training including, agility, herding, and obedience work will improve your dog’s happiness. They also need more than the regular walk each day, they thrive when they have space and can run. The only downside to a Border is that even though they are sociable with you, they are more reserved around strangers.

Motivated by Food: Yes

Temperament: Reserved

Focus level: High

Eager to Please: High

Lab retrievers:

Lab Retriever

Like herders, retrievers have high energy, mentally and physically. They need lots of physical activity and training early on. Since they are bred as a hunting dog, they are fairly easy to train, but do need outlets for their energy levels. Labs are highly affectionate and friendly. Labs rank second on this s list because they are very friendly not only towards humans, but other dogs as well. Labs are also very smart and are able to pick up training quickly. There is a reason most service dogs are Labs.

Motivated by Food: Yes

Temperament: Friendly/outgoing

Focus level: Medium-high

Eager to Please: High




Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds. Poodles are eager to please and are highly athletic. Surprisingly, these dogs are bred to hunt, which attributes to their eager to please nature. Like the other dogs on this list, poodles need big open spaces to play and run, or need long walks on a leash. Poodles are very easy to train and are highly obedient despite their high intelligence. They are very people oriented and want to be apart of the family. Their training programs should be fun and positive in order to keep their interest.

Motivated by Food: Yes

Temperament: Friendly/outgoing

Focus level: Medium-high

Eager to Please: High




Papillons are often looked over because of their size, however, their intelligence is believed to be high as a Border Collie. Despite their size, like most of the dogs on this list, they have medium to high energy and need a lot of stimulus. Papillons are a companion dog and have a tendency to misbehave if left alone for long periods of time. However, they can bond with other pets as well as humans if you can’t be around. 

Motivated by food: Yes

Temperament: Friendly/outgoing

Focus level: Medium-high

Eager to Please: High


Doberman Pinscher:

doberman pinscher

Dobermans live to protect their owners. That being said, it can make them more reserved around strangers. Dobermans are very intelligent and are quick learners, they are very eager to please, but without proper training and care can become unmanageable. However, with the proper training and socialization from a young age, they can be very loving companions. 

Motivated by food: yes

Temperament: alert/reserved

Focus level: medium-high

Eager to Please: high


If you do decide to get a dog, remember they are a lot of responsibility and want your love. It is very important to socialize and train your dog from a young age. If buying a dog seems too expensive, don’t forget, adopting is always an option. There are so many that need loving homes. 

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