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Tips to Control Your Dogs Barking

Tips to Control Your Dogs Barking

Just like humans are expected to speak, dogs are expected to bark, it’s their form of communication.  However, you don’t want a dog that has excessive barking. Your dog will bark for a variety of reasons, such as seeking attention, being territorial, playing, boredom, fear, excitement, and separation anxiety.  It can be helpful to know the reason why your dog is barking to help prevent it, but it’s not always possible to know why they are barking.  Knowing a few tips to control barking can help avoid having an annoying barking dog.

Here are some tips on how to prevent your dog from barking excessively.

Keep them Active

Be sure that you provide your furry friend with an adequate amount of physical activity and mental exercise each morning before you leave.   Walking or running with your furry friend along with some playtime is a great way to start your day.  When you are not at home, your dog is more likely to rest if they feel tired. If you have a more active dog, you may also consider a dog walker or coming home during lunch to walk your dog.

Mix and Mingle

If your dog isn’t used to being around other people or other dogs, they are more likely to bark when they are.  Take the time to introduce them to other dogs on walks or take them to a dog park. Having people over to your house or even letting them meet the mailman is a good way to socialize your dog.   Be sure when they act appropriately that you give them a treat in the beginning to reward their good behavior. There several dog parks in San Diego County you can take your furry loved ones to mix and mingle.

Mind Games

Keep your dog mentally challenge with interactive dog toys, entertaining walks, teaching your dog tricks and common commands. When a dog’s mind is working, it will be less likely to bark excessively.  Keeping your dog’s mind challenged will pay off when it comes to controlling a barking dog.

Surround Sound

When you plan to leave your dog alone having familiar sounds, like the radio or television can also help with a dog that barks a lot.  The sound will provide some comfort to your dog when you aren’t home if they are similar sounds to when you are home. It’s also a good idea to keep curtains and blinds closed to remove the opportunity for your dog to see something outside that may otherwise catch their attention.

Don’t Speak

Teaching your dog commands like sit, heel, and stay are essential, but also teaching your dog to bark and not to bark are just as important.   Start with teaching your dog to bark, by telling them to “speak”.  When they bark two to three times, let them smell a treat, and once they stop barking, giving them the treat.   Once your dog has mastered the “speak” command, teach them the “quiet” command.  You can do this by telling them to “speak”, letting them smell the treat, and then tell them “quiet” and don’t give them the treat until they stop barking.  Be sure you praise your dog when they follow your commands.

Ignorance is Bliss

Just like a baby will cry when it needs something, your dog is likely to bark when it needs your attention.  You are better off to ignore your dog’s barking and wait until they are quiet to give them what they want. Be sure that you provide them with positive reinforcement when they are behaving the way you want them to.   Dogs naturally want to please their owners, so when you show them you are pleased, they will continue to do so.

Leave it to the Professionals

If you have a dog that you have not been able to train on your own, there is always professional help available.  It isn’t always easy to train a dog on your own and having a professional who can help you out can be very beneficial.

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