A female dog’s act of bravery with her pups

dog saving her puppies

Every once in a while you read a remarkable dog story. Sometimes dogs’ actions seem to go beyond instincts in a way that touches our hearts, and this recent story we spotted on the DogHeirs blog is an example.


A German Shepherd mix named Amanda rescued her 10-day-old puppies when a fire broke out in her family’s home in Chile. While the firefighters fought the blaze, Amanda picked up her pups one by one with her mouth and brought them to safety. The mother dog actually placed each pup on a step on the side of one of the fire trucks, taking them out of harm’s way. She then stayed with her puppies, sheltering them in a compartment on the fire truck.


Though sadly one pup passed away from injuries sustained in the fire, the other four of Amanda’s puppies were safe and sound. The veterinarian who treated them noted that Amanda did not want to give up any of her puppies, and stayed with the one injured pup as long as she could, never letting it out of her sight.


Head over to DogHeirs to see the astonishing photos of Amanda rescuing her pups. It’s truly a story that shows the love and bravery that motherly instincts can bring out.