5 Ways Doggie Daycare With a Busy Play Area Benefits Your Dog

doggie daycare

Whether you’re going back to the office or still working from home, doggie daycare can provide a variety of benefits for your pup. It’s not realistic for you to be available 24/7 to keep an eye on your dog, so it’s understandable that there will be periods of time when he’s left alone, or just not getting attention from you while you work from your home office. This might lead to your dog seeming lonely, being destructive, or having excess energy. Daycare can help relieve this! In addition to this, when you choose a daycare with lots of dogs in a busy play area, your dog will get even benefits. Keep reading to learn more about how a busy play area will benefit your furry friend.

#1: More Exercise

The main benefit of doggie daycare with lots of dogs in play areas is that your dog will burn off energy during the day! With so many other friends to play with, your dog will return home worn out from a day of fun and playing.

In addition to this, if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, this can be detrimental to him physically and mentally. Your dog will learn to adapt to any routine, but if he doesn’t get enough exercise, he might develop weight issues, mobility issues, overeat, develop poor digestion, or become destructive. Daily, or at the very least weekly, doggie daycare sessions will ensure that your dog is getting the exercise he needs.

Even if your dog is naturally low energy, play areas with lots of other dogs can provide an environment that will encourage him to enjoy physical activity and work some weight off or prevent weight gain.

Finally, even though we don’t get intense winter weather here in San Diego, with chillier weather and shorter days, you may be less inclined to exercise your dog as often as you should. Daycare makes things easier for you by providing your dog with exercise all day without forcing you or your dog to venture out into the cold or go out for a walk once it’s dark out.

#2: Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is just as important to your dog’s wellbeing as physical exercise. If your dog is in a doggie daycare with few dogs in the play area, he may not find a playmate. Without a playmate, he may not play or he may not be as inclined to make the most of activities in the play area. This means that even though you’re making the effort to send your dog to daycare, he may still be as bored as he would be if left alone at home. 

With more dogs in the play area, they’ll provide each other with more energy and more activities for everyone to enjoy. Making sure your dog is getting the right amount of both physical and mental exercise at daycare will prevent boredom, anxiety, and anti-social or destructive behaviors.

At Fon Jon Pet Care, our outdoor play yard has a park-like setting and a variety of activities for our doggie campers to enjoy together like ramps, kiddie pools, and more!

#3: More Balanced Play

We believe that when it comes to dogs, the more the merrier! The more dogs there are in a play area, the more balance there will be in play because every dog will be able to find a playmate that they can create a bond with. This will lead to more play, more mental stimulation, and will make doggie daycare that much more enjoyable for your pup!

doggie daycare

#4: Care Supervised By a Trained Staff

No matter how busy our play area gets, you can always be sure that your precious pup is being monitored by one of our doggie daycare supervisors, who are trained to manage large groups of dogs. Our staff always keeps an eye on our campers’ body language and know how to intervene when necessary to maintain a safe and fun environment in our play area.

#5: More Fun!

Doggie daycare is just more fun for your dog has lots of playmates! The more pups for him to interact with, the more chances he’ll have to connect with dogs that he gets along with and can create a bond with. Your dog just wants to have fun, so bring him to a daycare like Fon Jon Pet Care’s, where there are always a variety of campers for him to meet and spend the day with!

Find the Best Doggie Daycare in San Diego at Fon Jon Pet Care

Of course, while most dogs love meeting and playing with other dogs, we know that some dogs prefer to play alone or with a person. For these pups, we offer private doggie daycare so they can still enjoy a day of fun activities!

Here at Fon Jon Pet Care, you’ll get top-quality dog daycare in beautiful San Diego county! We have a variety of daycare packages for you to choose from depending on your needs and how often you’ll be bringing your dog in for daycare. We know that daycare is very beneficial for dogs and makes your life easier as a pet parent, so we’re here to ensure that your pup is happy, healthy, and well cared for during the day!

You can find more information about our daycare services and packages here on our website. Trust your dog to a pet care facility with more than 70 years of experience providing top-quality boarding, grooming, and training in San Diego County. Visit our website or call us at (858) 490-2117 to get more information about all of our services. You can also make an appointment online!