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October 15, 2022

4 Ways Dog Boarding Facilities Help Care For Your Dog During Pet Wellness Month

October is Pet Wellness Month! We know that Pet Wellness is top of mind for every pet parent, which is why it’s one of our priorities too. Dog boarding facilities like Fon Jon Pet Care provide top-quality dog care services designed to help keep your…

dog boarding options
September 22, 2022

Dog Boarding Options – How to Choose the Best Option for Your Dog

Whether you travel the world, attend business conferences across the country, or fly to see your relatives or friends, we all spend time away from home. Although we know every pet parent would love to travel with our loyal companion alongside us, this isn’t always…

san diego doggy daycare
September 9, 2022

3 Signs That Your Dog Will Love San Diego Doggy Daycare

If you’ve considered enrolling your pup in dog daycare but hesitated because you’re not sure if he’ll enjoy it, there are a few ways to tell if your dog is likely to enjoy daycare. Of course, you can’t know for sure until you bring your…

dog walking tips
July 26, 2022

8 Simple Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Next Walk Easier Than Ever!

Does the thought of walking your dog terrify you? Is your dog known for not behaving well on the leash? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then this article is for you! Below are 8 dog walking tips to help you and your pup…

summer safety for dogs
July 5, 2022

Summer Safety for Dogs: Make Sure Your Dog Has a Safe & Fun Summer With Dog Daycare

We’re well into summer, and in San Diego and San Diego County, that means that temperatures are rising and we’re all looking for a way to stay cool. That includes our furry friends, too! During this time of the year, you might only think of…

dog oral care
June 30, 2022

Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy With these 6 Tips for Dog Oral Care

When it comes to caring for your dog, it’s easy to forget about her teeth. It’s also easy to want to skip tooth brushing if you have a wrestling match with your dog every time you try to brush her teeth. It may not always…

Valid 01/01/24 thru 02/28/24

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