Controlling Your Pet’s Weight

Your pet’s weight is an easy way to determine their quality of life. Pets that maintain an unhealthy weight are at risk for heart disease, major joint and bone issues, diabetes, difficulty breathing, and decreased liver function. In other words, obesity in pets could have very dire consequences. If your…

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Can You Give Human Food to Your Dog?

As dog lovers we want the best for our furry loved ones and want to share our homes, beds and sometimes our favorite foods, but is it safe to give them our tasty treats?   A lot of the foods we eat as humans, like fruits and vegetables can cause…

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10 Halloween Dog Treat Recipes

Halloween isn’t just for kids -- let your dog join in on the fun and bake some festive treats for them! These recipes are fun, creative, and safe for your dog. In ten steps or less, create unique treats that will leave your pup wagging and wanting more.    …

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Oral Care For Dogs: 6 Tips

Check out these top pet oral care tips: All too often our canine companions greet us with foul breath odor which we lovingly call ‘doggy breath.’ Referred to by veterinarians as generalized periodontitis, this foul breath odor is more often than not ignored by dog owners and is frequently a…

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Choosing the Best Food for your Dog

Choosing food for your dog nowadays can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming as there are so many options! Additionally, keeping in mind things like how much your pet eats, your budget and its specific likes/dislikes. Considering all of these things you might feel overwhelmed but finding a brand and type…

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