Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday: the Do’s and Don’ts

Dog birthday

Those who love their dogs often want to celebrate their furry friend’s birthday, or if that date isn’t known, the day the dog was brought home. This can be an incredibly nice gesture for your canine companion, but there are some important things you should know when throwing your dog a birthday party.

Dog birthday celebration
Celebrating your dogs birthday can be fun for not only the pet but the owner as well.

Do: Order A Special Cake Or Treats From Your Local Pet Store

This is a great way to celebrate your dog’s birthday for a number of reasons. It helps the occasion feel like a real celebration. You support a local business with your purchase. Your furry friend is pleased with a healthy and great-tasting treat. All of these are good reasons to get something made specifically for your pet’s special day. Some places allow you to order in advance and have something special written on the treat. In other cases, or if you’re shopping last-minute, you can just pick something up off the shelf. Even if you don’t do anything that special, you can still get your dog their favorite treats to celebrate their special day.

Don’t: Feed Your Dog Anything Hazardous

While it’s your dog’s special day and you may be tempted to spoil her a little, you must be careful not to overindulge or give her anything hazardous. Certain substances, such as chocolate, items containing the artificial sweetener xylitol, garlic, grapes and bones, are extremely hazardous to dogs for various reasons. Avoid feeding your dog anything she has shown to be allergic to as well. Although it’s okay to sometimes give your dog people food, it’s always better (and safer) to get delicious treats that are made for dogs instead. Don’t feed your dog too much either – doing so can result in discomfort and an upset stomach.

Do: Take Them Somewhere Nice

Another way to celebrate your pet’s special day is to take them somewhere nice. This can be to the park, a specialized dog park, a pet store, a lake or anywhere else your pet may be excited to go. Even just a nice long walk through a different neighborhood can give your pet some stimulation and joy. When you go out, make sure your dog has everything he needs including a solid leash, water, bags to pick up your dog’s waste, and any other accouterments they use such as a harness. Make sure your dog is wearing their collar with tags when you leave the house as well. Always take standard pet care safety precautions just in case something happens.

Don’t: Do Anything Your Dog Can’t Handle

Dog birthday treats
Treating your dog safely on his/her birthday is only right!

Every dog is different and activities that might be fun for one dog may be torture for another. For example, don’t take your older dog on a long walk if he struggles. Don’t take your anxious or aggressive dog to the dog park. Know your dog and know how well he handles certain situations – this is a basic part of good pet care. You want his birthday to be fun for him, so make sure he will appreciate what you have in store. Be sure to pay close attention to the signs your dog gives off that show he is not comfortable. Signs of stress or fear in dogs include ears flattened back, the tail tucked between the legs, raised hackles, fearful urination, clinging to you, licking, and more.

Celebrating your dog’s birthday can be a lot of fun for both you and your furry companion. Give some thought to how you will celebrate and make preparations in advance. Avoid putting your dog in situations he doesn’t like and doesn’t give him anything that could be hazardous for him. If you follow these do’s and don’ts, your dog will have a great birthday.

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