Busy Holiday Schedule? Dog Daycare Can Help!

Starting with Thanksgiving and going all the way until New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is long and can be hectic. This is especially true for dog parents. Caring for your dog is already a full-time job that likely takes up most of your free time during the rest of the year. This makes working out your holiday preparation and celebration schedule more difficult than for most. Between your job, holiday shopping for gifts and dinner prep, and holiday parties, it may be hard to make sure your dog is exercised and gets attention. Fortunately, dog daycare in San Diego County is available to help you!

Keep reading to find out how dog daycare can take some of the stress off you this holiday season.

How Dog Daycare Can Lighten Your Holiday Schedule

You may only think that pet care is necessary if you’re traveling and can’t take your fur baby with you, but when it comes to the holiday season dog daycare can be incredibly helpful!

Free Up Your Time to Shop

Shopping is one of the most time-consuming parts of the holidays. After running from store to store looking for the specific ingredients or gifts you need, battling with crowds of other shoppers, and dealing with long lines to check out, you probably don’t have much time or energy left to take your dog for his daily walk or to the park.

Even if you have an automatic feeder to take care of his food, there’s another important part of his routine you need to think about. You can only leave your dog at home for so long before he needs to be let out to use the bathroom! This can really make getting your shopping done difficult. Make things easier for yourself by letting a doggy daycare facility take care of your pup while you get your shopping done, knowing that he’ll be well taken care of all day.

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Know Your Dog is Cared For During Holiday Errands & Celebrations

Even outside of shopping, the holiday season has other ways to keep you busy in form of errands, visiting family and friends, and holiday parties. As a dog parent, it’s not a great feeling to leave your dog alone for hours, come home to let your dog use the bathroom, then leave again to run errands and go to a party. With help from dog daycare, you don’t have to feel guilty! Your dog will spend all day playing and socializing with other dogs, making sure he’s not lonely and getting plenty of exercise.

Avoid Stressing Out Your Dog

The holidays are full of new situations for your dog, like having a house full of people he’s not used to. Although these gatherings are a fun time for you, for your dog, they’re probably stressful and may even be harmful. For example, you and your family may know not to leave the door open or not to leave your dog outside unattended, but an absent-minded visitor may leave the door open or leave toxic food or drinks unattended. Although unintentional, this could hurt your dog.

In addition to this, having guests always means that your dog’s routine and structure will be thrown off. Although this isn’t necessarily harmful to your dog like eating something toxic is, it’s best to avoid placing unnecessary stress on your dog. With help from dog daycare, you can host guests while your pup has stress-free fun!

Dog Daycare in San Diego County at Fon Jon Pet Care

Fon Jon Pet Care is a first-class dog daycare and general pet care facility in San Diego County that has been serving this community for more than 70 years. Our top priority is always providing our campers with a fun and positive experience away from home. We know that your pet needs mental, emotional, and physical stimulation to prevent them from getting bored or feeling lonely.

At our facility, our pet boarding program is designed to treat your pet with just as much love, compassion, and care as you would. We also have a thoroughly trained staff who are dedicated to their jobs and have plenty of experience caring for pets. We work hard to make sure our facility feels like home for your furry friend!

In addition to this, our daycare facility is perfect for your camper to spend his day outside running around and playing with other dogs! Our campers are monitored all day so we can maintain an active and safe environment. The outdoor play yard is also very spacious and has a park-like setting, including a variety of ramps, kiddie pools, and other fun-filled activities available for them all day!

Make an appointment online or call us at (858) 490-2117 to learn more about our dog daycare.