Dog Training is an Ongoing Thing

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Dog training is something that should be done throughout a dog’s life. Photo: Maggie Smith

When it comes to dog training, many are mistaken into thinking that once their dog’s obedience training is completed, there is nothing else that needs to be done.

This is a huge misconception.

Like learning something new, such as a musical instrument, sport, or even language, we constantly need to practice otherwise we will lose the skill.

Dogs and their training fall into this same learning category.

And leaning on a professional San Diego dog trainer for new ideas is always a great avenue.

Whenever you are out with your dog, always practice the basic obedience commands like sit, lie down, heel, and stay whenever possible.

And yes, these obedience skills can even be practiced at home.  Training should be reinforced at all ages of a dog’s life.

A well trained dog is essentially an animal you can live with in harmony.  And dogs will only stop learning when their owners stop teaching.

Remember, when a dog knows its obedience skills you can get through any challenge with ease.