Visiting San Diego With Your Dog This Summer? Get Daycare at a Doggie Hotel

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The school year is practically over, the weather is warming up, and the start of summer is just around the corner. You’re likely in the process of making your summer vacation plans or may even already have them made. If your furry best friend will be traveling with you, you may also need to make daycare plans for her. Although there are plenty of dog-friendly activities you can enjoy in sunny San Diego, there may be days during your vacation that your dog can’t join you for. Dog daycare from a doggie hotel is exactly the solution you’ll need to make sure your dog can enjoy your San Diego vacation just as much as you will!

Keep reading to learn more about our services and how Fon Jon Pet Care can help you and your dog have the best San Diego vacation this summer.

Dog Daycare

Dog daycare at our doggie hotel located near La Jolla is a perfect way for your dog to spend her day outside running around and making new friends on any days when she can’t join you on your vacation activities. 

Our facility features a spacious outdoor play yard that provides our campers with a park-like setting that includes a variety of ramps, kiddie pools, and other fun-filled activities available for them all day. In addition to this, we are always fully staffed and can assure you that we always have a supervisor monitoring all campers to keep our play yard active and safe.

Even if your dog isn’t particularly social, simply prefers people to dogs, or just isn’t neutered or spayed, daycare is still an option. We offer private dog daycare so that every dog can be cared for even when they’re away from home.  

Dog Boarding

If you’ll need to leave your dog with us overnight, our doggie hotel offers dog boarding services as well!

Our facility includes a unique dog kennel that allows us to maintain climate control indoors while also allowing each camper access to an outdoor patio. This provides an environment that’s much cozier than most boarding kennels, allowing your dog to sleep inside her own private cabin at night, and in the morning she can access her own outdoor covered patio.

All of our dog boarding campers are fed in the morning and are then taken outside for playtime. Social campers will go to the outdoor play yard where they’ll spend their day playing with other social campers and our pet technicians.

At the end of the day, campers are escorted back to their private cabin, fed dinner, and then settle in for sleep after a day of fun and play. 

Dog Grooming

In addition to dog daycare and dog boarding, you can schedule a grooming appointment for your dog so she’ll return to you fluffy, clean, and smelling great. 

We have a full-time pet groomer on staff who is here to provide all of your dog grooming needs including bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, and de-shedding. Whether your pet is just in need of a basic bath or a full spa day of treatment, we can provide it for you and your dog!

When You Need Daycare While on Vacation, Fon Jon Pet Care Can Help!

Even with so many dog-friendly activities in San Diego, your vacation may find you participating in activities your dog can’t join you for. When this is the case, trust Fon Jon Pet Care’s doggie hotel to take care of your beloved pet!

Fon Jon Pet Care is a full-service dog daycare and dog boarding facility that has served San Diego for more than 70 years. We also offer dog training, pet grooming, and more. Call us today at (858) 490-2117 to learn more or fill out our registration form.