Why Your Dog Needs a Consistent Routine – And How Doggy Day Care Can Help

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If you want your dog to be happy and well-adjusted, a routine is crucial. She should know when to expect to be fed, exercised, and more. Without this structure in her life, she may misbehave and become anxious. However, we have responsibilities that might stop us from being consistent with our dogs’ routines. When this is the case, doggy day care can pick up the slack and make sure your dog stays on routine. Keep reading to find out how.

Why Your Dog Needs a Routine

Routine and consistency are very important for your dog’s well-being. Having a daily routine that allows your dog to know what to expect from her day will help her feel more relaxed and avoid stress. Although a consistent routine is important for all dogs, it can be especially beneficial for adopted dogs who may have never had consistency in their lives before. Sticking to a routine will also ensure that the things she learns in training will become habits that will stick with her throughout her life.


Just keep in mind that it is possible to make your dog’s routine too rigid. You don’t need to stick to your dog’s routine right down to the minute. There should be some variety in your dog’s day-to-day so that when things change she won’t feel anxious and confused.

How Doggy Day Care Helps Keep Up Your Routine

Of course, you want what’s best for your fur baby, but sticking to your dog’s routine when you have work, errands to run, and a family to take care of may be easier said than done. Doggy day care can help keep your dog on routine and make everything much easier for you.

Feeding Schedule

Your dog’s feeding schedule will depend on his needs, but whatever your dog’s feeding schedule, doggy day care can help you stick to it. If your dog usually eats in the middle of the day, we’re more than happy to provide her with her lunch. We can also provide dinner if pick-up will be after her usual dinner time. Even if your schedule has to be changed around, your dog’s doesn’t have to be. She’ll get all of her meals on time so you can pick up a happy dog.


On a regular day, your dog probably gets a couple of walks. If things come up that won’t allow you to provide your dog with her regular exercise, doggy day care can still help you make sure that your dog will get the exercise she needs. With a huge play yard full of kiddie pools, ramps, and other fun activities, your dog will get the exercise she needs and then some!


We even offer nature walks where we’ll take your dog on a traditional walk if you prefer that she gets an on-leash walk along with playtime. At the end of the day, your dog will be happy, tired, and ready to relax at home.

Let Doggy Day Care Help You Stick Dog’s Routine

Even when your responsibilities will stop you from sticking to your dog’s routine, you can rely on doggy day care to help you out!


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