The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Being alone during the day is difficult on a dog. These pack animals require constant attention in order to be happy. They also need regular visits outside, plenty of room to play and a great deal of supervision. Doggy daycare offers all of this and more.

Daytime Playtime

An active dog is a happy dog. Dogs that must stay indoors throughout the day may become depressed, which can lead to a number of physical diseases. They may also become obese from lack of exercise, which causes strain on a dog’s heart, bones and joints. Pets that have little to no active playtime during the day may also get into trouble. They can destroy furniture and structures. They may even try to escape and get lost.
Doggy daycare allows your pet to have hands on care throughout the day. It ensures that your dog is in a safe space that offers room to run and play. Many daycare providers even allow your dog to interact with other pets. Likewise, your home and belongings stay safe from bored dogs who are left cooped up inside.

Healthy Habits

Dogs that have health needs cannot be left alone for long stretches. If your days are demanding it can be hard to get away. What are you to do? The easiest solution is a dog daycare. These facilities can keep a watchful eye on a dog that is ill or has been injured. They may also provide any necessary medications or address special dietary concerns.

Even healthy dogs can benefit from doggy daycare. Dogs will get regular exercise, which is good for their hearts, muscles and bones. They will not suffer from the depression that dogs may feel when left alone.

Training Time

Some doggy daycare facilities offer dog training while your pet is boarded. This is an excellent solution for younger dogs who have never been trained before. The dog daycare can teach your pet basic commands while also providing him or her with much needed basic care.

Older dogs may also benefit from in-house training. It can be a great time savings to have training carried out while you are at work or school. Training also makes dogs and owners alike very happy. Talk with your doggy daycare provider to learn if dog training is an option for you during the day.

Fon Jon Pet Care offers doggy daycare for long and short-term visits. We also provide dog training, including in-house training while your dog is boarded. We have been serving the San Diego area since 1950. Call us today!