Five Dog Treats to Avoid (and Their Alternatives)

As a dog owner, you know that dogs will eat practically anything, but should they? There are plenty of items that are well-known to be dangerous for dogs. Chocolate is terrible for dogs and canĀ even poison them. Small bones, like chicken bones, can cause choking. Most dog owners know this, but there are plenty of popular treats that should be avoided as well.

1. Chemically-Laced Dog Treats
The easiest dog treats are those that are available in large boxes from your local retail store. Dogs love them, they are inexpensive and they are easy to find. Unfortunately, most of them are made with chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to your pet’s digestion. Instead, visit a specialty store that sells chemical-free dog treats. They are just as tasty to your pet, but far less dangerous.

2. Wheat-Based Biscuits
Wheat doesn’t seem like it would be a problem, particularly because it is in so many foods. However, many dogs have wheat allergies that go undetected. Instead of wheat, opt for dog treats that are made with whole grains.

3. Ice Cream
It’s a hot day and your dog wants to cool off. Why not offer your precious pet a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream? But wait! A little bit of ice cream won’t hurt your pet, but over time, that much sugar and fat could lead to obesity and canine diabetes. If your puppy is hot, simply provide lots of cold water. Don’t let your best friend develop a sweet tooth. If you, however, want to treat him or her, as an alternative, offer your buddy a scoop or two of ice cream especially made for dogs. They are much healthier than human ice cream.

4. Rawhide
There is arguably nothing more prevalent in a pet store than rawhide bones. However, these chew toys are terrible for your dog’s digestion. A large chunk of rawhide, if swallowed, can cause a blockage that requires surgery. Many dogs develop diarrhea from chewing on rawhide. Instead, buy natural bones. They are not only healthier, but they also last longer.

5. Table Scraps
Feeding your dog off of your plate might be a habit, but it is one that should immediately stop. Many foods that are safe for humans are extremely unhealthy for dogs. This includes grapes, avocados, nuts, onions and salty foods, to name just a few. Instead of feeding your table scraps to your dog, compost them. Then, give your pet his or her own dish of dog-friendly food.

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