The Perfect Pet Portrait

pet photography

Getting a great portrait of your pet may seem impossible. However, most dogs are both able and willing to get their photographs taken by a professional. You simply need to follow a few steps to get that perfect pet portrait.

Use a Pet Photographer

pet photography

Photographing pets is not a skill everyone has. When getting the portrait done, use a photographer who specializes in working with animals. If you have difficulty finding a great pet photographer, contact your dog boarding facility, veterinarian or even a local zoo. They can often point you in the right direction.

Make Sure Your Dog is Well Trained

You may not have a lot of luck with photography until your dog has completed basic training classes. Even a quick, one hour refresher may be enough to get a dog back on best behavior. Contact Fon Jon to find out more about training classes for your dog.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Before the Session

As with training, your dog may be more cooperative if he or she is hungry and offered treats. However, never allows your dog to become hungry to the point of distress. Don’t have the heart to not feed your pet? That’s okay. Simply bring your dogs favorite treats. Even better, bring along a special something your dog only gets on rare occasions. Cut up hot dogs or marshmallows often work well.

Never Rush the Session

If your dog is in a new environment, he or she will want to sniff and explore. Allow your pet to become comfortable before launching into a shoot. The dog will calm easier once natural curiosity has been appeased.

Consider a Location Shoot

Many photographers are willing to travel for your portrait. Consider having the portrait done in your home or at your dog’s favorite park. Ask the photographer to get action photos as well as intimate portraits.

Be Flexible

You may have an idea for a perfect photo, but your dog may have other plans. Try the photo the way you envisioned, and then go for something new. Your dog may be tired when you were hoping for an action shot. You might have a very active puppy on your hands when you were seeking something more serene. Whatever the end product is, the point is capturing your dog’s personality.

Have a Photo Shoot Done During Boarding

Fon Jon offers a Photo Club session as a special boarding add-on. For only $7, your dog’s playtime will be memorialized forever.

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