Pet Friendly Gifts – Avoiding Food Dyes

pet gifts

Shopping for the holidays means giving gifts to all of those loved ones who mean so much. You want to show them exactly how important they are with a gift they  will cherish. It is not just friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors who are eager gift recipients. Your four-legged friends deserve love this time of year as well.

Gifts That Stand the Test of Time

You may decide that you want to give your pet a gift that will last. Those needful things that are important in your dog or cat’s daily life may be the perfect choice. Pet beds, filtered water fountains and leashes with ergonomic grips are good bets for money well spent. However, they may not be incredibly exciting to your pet.

A lasting gift that is also fun may be a chew toy, a dangler or a plushie that your dog or cat can cuddle with at night. Be sure to choose toys that are not dangerous if chewed on or torn open. The best options are those made from strong yet natural materials. Good options for natural materials include leather, wool, jute or cotton. They should not contain artificial dyes or any substances that could be toxic to your special animal companions. pet friendly gifts

Delicious Treats to Enjoy

What pet doesn’t enjoy treats? Give your cat or dog new treats for the holidays and you are certain to see a smiling face. Dogs love new bones and special snacks. Cats may be a bit more finicky. Consider an assortment of treats for your feline.

It is vital when buying treats as gifts that you take the time to purchase those that are pet-friendly. Many treats include food dyes for a more appetizing appearance. This is particularly true during the holidays when pet gifts might be tinted blue, green or red. Avoid these at all costs. Food dyes are unnecessary for dogs and cats. They are drawn to the smell of the treats rather than their appearance. Meanwhile, they can sometimes cause side effects that range from mild to severe.

You should also skip relying on rawhide for pet gifts. While dogs love to chew these bones, they can be dangerous to their delicate digestive systems. Instead, opt for buffalo or elk bones. They last longer and are safe to chew.

Pet Gifts for Others

safe gifts for petsYou may be seeking gifts for pets who live with others. Your mother-in-law may be attached to her Great Dane. Your cubicle mate might have a Cockapoo that means the world to him. Giving gifts to the pets of your loved ones shows that you care about what is most important in their lives.

It may seem like a simple choice, but giving gifts to dogs and cats you don’t know well can be problematic. Those animals could have special dietary concerns, sensitive skin or other conditions that make gift giving less cut-and-dried. Finding out about these issues might take the surprise out of gift-giving. What is a giftee to do?

Gift cards are always a good option. This allows you to show you care while also letting the pet owner choose the appropriate presents. A gift card to a pet boutique can be accompanied by handmade pet treats that are free from food dyes and allergens. These are available in most pet stores.

The top concern when buying presents for animals is safety. Pets are not able to determine their own safety, which is why their owners must do so for them. It only takes a few minutes to make sure your choices are the right choices for your furry friends.