3 Signs That Your Dog Will Love San Diego Doggy Daycare

san diego doggy daycare

If you’ve considered enrolling your pup in dog daycare but hesitated because you’re not sure if he’ll enjoy it, there are a few ways to tell if your dog is likely to enjoy daycare. Of course, you can’t know for sure until you bring your dog to daycare and let him have a trial run, but if your dog exhibits these signs, he’ll probably love daycare, and you will too when you see how happy it makes him! A San Diego doggy daycare like Fon Jon Pet Care will provide your dog with plenty of benefits, especially if he tends to be highly social, dislikes being left alone, and has a lot of energy.

Keep reading to find out if your dog shows any of the traits that would make dog daycare a great fit for him!

He’s highly social and loves meeting other dogs

Is your dog highly social? When you take him out for walks, does he tend to get distracted by the other dogs you come across because he just wants to say hi or play for a bit? Does he insist on going to the dog park every day so he can see and play with his friends?

If this sounds like your dog, he’ll love the socialization that dog daycare provides! 

At Fon Jon Pet Care’s doggy daycare, your dog will spend the day getting all the socialization he could possibly need. In a park-like play yard, he’ll be able to run, play, or lounge with his new doggy friends to his heart’s content. When you pick him up at the end of the day, we’re sure you’ll find a pup that is happy, ready for a nap, and excited to return the next day for more fun with his friends!

He dislikes being left alone and has a hard time when you’re not home

If your dog has a tough time being left alone, whether it’s just for a couple of hours or a full work day, our San Diego doggy daycare can help make things easier for you and your dog. 

Some dogs will show their separation anxiety simply by howling, barking, or crying while you’re away. While this is relatively harmless, it can pose a problem if you live in an apartment complex where neighbors might complain about the noise. In other situations, your dog may try to get his feelings of anxiety out by scratching, chewing, and destroying toys, furniture, or anything else he can get his paws on. This is not only destructive to your home, but it’s also potentially dangerous for your pet.

Regardless of how your dog shows that he’s dealing with separation anxiety, we’re sure that you’re in search of a way to ease his struggle. Dog daycare is a great way to help keep your dog from feeling alone!

When you need to be at work or if you have a planned outing with friends or family that will keep you away from the house for most of the day, drop off your furry friend at daycare. Surrounded by our dog-loving staff and new doggy friends, your dog will have plenty of fun and you won’t have to worry about leaving him home alone.

He has a lot of energy and requires lots of exercise

Some dogs become destructive due to separation anxiety, but others become destructive when they have too much energy. Certain breeds, such as Huskies, Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Boxers typically require a lot of exercise to maintain their energy and keep them from getting bored. 

While we all love our pets and do our best to meet their needs, with work, family, and other commitments, it can be difficult to make sure that our dogs get the exercise they need every day. This can lead to destructive boredom and other bad behavior resulting from pent-up energy.

At a San Diego doggy daycare like ours, you can drop off your dog knowing that he’ll spend the day exploring and running around our park-like play area to his heart’s content. Featuring ramps, kiddie pools, other fun activities, and your dog’s new friends, he’ll get all the exercise he needs to be a calm and well-behaved pup once he gets home. 

Help Your Dog Thrive With San Diego Doggy Daycare

If your dog has any of these traits, it may be time to try out a San Diego doggy daycare like Fon Jon Pet Care! At our facility, your dog will be supervised, well taken care of, and he’ll get the exercise and socialization he needs while you’re away. Let Fon Jon Pet Care be his home away from home!

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