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Dog Grooming Should Increase As Temperatures Rise

Dog Grooming Should Increase As Temperatures Rise
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Regular dog grooming in the hot summer months will help with shedding.

It’s hard not to notice that our dogs are really blowing their coats at the end of the San Diego summer because it’s been so hot. Even after a good bathing and brushing, it seems we are back to the same shedding challenges a few days later.

Blame it on the season.

It’s time to up the grooming ante.

Brushing your dog often will help lift away excess hair, dirt, debris and dead skin cells.  Naturally, the oils from your dog’s skin will glide into the shafts of its hair follicles making their coat shiny.

If you need a little extra help in the canine bath department, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail at Fon Jon. We can make that professional groom and bath session happen. If your dogs are here for a day care visit, ask us about making an appointment to get them groomed, too.

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You’ll see a big difference with a decrease in shedding if your pup gets a professional bath once a month.  In between bathing, try and brush your dog once a day.

Some grooming tools you may want to keep an eye open for include:

·         Bristle or wire pin brushes

·         Slicker brushes to remove tangles

·         Rakes to work out tangles

·         Shedding tools to remove excess hair

Frequent brushing will also help you keep an eye out for ticks, fleas or any irregularities like lumps or cuts.

Keeping your dog brushed and groomed on a regular schedule will keep them looking and feeling better!

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