Summer Safety for Dogs: Make Sure Your Dog Has a Safe & Fun Summer With Dog Daycare

summer safety for dogs

We’re well into summer, and in San Diego and San Diego County, that means that temperatures are rising and we’re all looking for a way to stay cool. That includes our furry friends, too! During this time of the year, you might only think of a pet care facility like Fon Jon Pet Care in terms of dog boarding, but our dog daycare services can be a big help as well. Summer safety for dogs is on every dog parent’s mind this time of year, and we’re here to tell you how our dog daycare can help you make sure your dog has a fun and safe summer!

How dog daycare provides summer safety for dogs

Here are just a few ways that dog daycare takes the pressure off of you and helps provide summer safety for dogs, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the care and exercise he needs while staying safe.

Access to fresh, cool water

On a hot summer day, one of the most important things for your dog to have access to is fresh and cool water. Just like it’s particularly important for you to stay hydrated on a hot summer day, it’s important for your dog as well. Our dog daycare facility understands how important hydration is for our doggy campers and ensures that our campers have access to fresh water at all times. When you bring your dog to Fon Jon Pet Care for dog daycare, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your dog is hydrated enough.

Plenty of exercise without overheating

Exercise is crucial for the health and well-being of your dog. Unfortunately, making sure your dog gets enough exercise can be difficult during the summer months when you’re trying to balance your dog’s schedule with your schedule, all while making sure you don’t go out for a walk or to the dog park when it’s too hot. You can let someone else take care of this when you bring your dog to Fon Jon Pet Care for daycare. He’ll spend the day running around and tiring himself out with other dogs in a facility with plenty of shade for him to cool down in.

A parasite-free environment

Hot summer days are a peak time for fleas and ticks. It’s important to have your dog on a preventive plan to avoid these parasites, before bringing him to daycare, but daycare will also help you avoid exercising your dog in areas infested with fleas and ticks. A pet care facility like Fon Jon Pet Care can help you make sure that you’re dog is getting the exercise and stimulation he needs while parasites and summer heat.

Summer Safety for Dogs: Get Help With Daycare from Fon Jon Pet Care

If you’re spending this summer worrying about whether or not your dog is getting enough exercise or worrying about if it’s too hot to walk him, consider dog daycare at Fon Jon Pet Care!

At our facility, your dog will be supervised, well taken care of, and will get the exercise and socialization he needs while you’re away. Let us help you take the best care of your dog this summer!

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