What Type of Training is Right for Your Dog?

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You know that your four-legged friend is a unique individual. Each dog has its own personality based on breed, background, and a variety of other factors. Because each dog has his or her individual needs, you should not assume that every type of training is right for every type of dog. In this article, we’ll help you figure out which type of training is right for your dog, so you can find the right dog training camp for his needs!

Age-Based Training

Most trainers agree that it is best to start training from the beginning. If your dog is still a puppy, you should consider a puppy training class. If you have a small breed dog weighing under 30 pounds, it’s important to begin training as soon as possible. These dogs mature quickly and should complete puppy classes before they are nine months old. Medium to large breeds take longer to mature. They may remain puppies from nine months up to two years. Still, the sooner you start puppy training, the easier it will be for both of you.

A good puppy training class trains you as much as your pet. It will help you learn how to continue training at home. Your puppy will learn to respect your commands while you will learn how to give commands that your puppy respects.

The best puppy training classes for all breeds are individual, one-on-one classes. These classes can be specified to your best friend. They target specific behavioral patterns that may be unique to your dog. Likewise, a one-on-one class removes the distraction of other dogs.

Older dogs who have not previously completed puppy classes or who need a refresher might need a more standard obedience class. This kind of dog training camp teaches pet owners the proper ways to give commands so that dogs listen and obey. Obedience classes are often taught in small groups, which also gives dogs the chance to practice obeying commands even when distractions abound.

Behavior-Based Training

Does your dog chew your shoes the moment your back is turned? Is he prone to jumping on guests when they enter your home? Does she dig up your rose bushes or growl at children? Behavior-based training can help your dog unlearn these bad habits he has picked up over the years.

Private lessons are often necessary for curing bad behaviors. This is especially true for those dogs who display aggressive behavior. A private training course will help you and your pet understand how to control specific problems. Look for a dog training camp that will offer a consultation for your pet before you get started. Sometimes you may find just one class is enough to stop annoying dog behavior.

Another option for behavior-based training is in-home classes. Training that takes place in your home gives your skittish or aggressive dog the opportunity to learn while in a familiar setting. This can be very important for those pets who only display bad behavior while at home or who are extremely aggressive in unfamiliar situations.

dog training camp

Time-Based Training

The most common reason for pet owners to skip training is lack of time. Unfortunately, it is the dog that suffers when training is not completed. There are several options for busy pet owners and their pets.

One-day classes are an option for some pets. These work best for dogs that are already well trained but have some slight behavior problems that need to be addressed. In order to be successful, these classes do require that the owner follow up at home.

In-home training is sometimes the best option for busy pet owners. You can avoid long commutes that are so common in the San Diego area by hiring an in-home trainer. These sessions are also individualized to your pet so you know you won’t receive a generic training package that may not work in your home.

A popular option for dog owners who are short on time is a lodge-based training program. These programs are usually only for puppies, but they allow you to lodge your dog at a facility that then works steadily with them until they learn basic commands. A pet boarding facility that also offers a dog training camp is the best option as they will know how to treat your best friend with kindness while also offering excellent training services.

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In addition to your beloved pet’s training needs, you must consider your needs as well. How much time do you have to spend working with your dog? How much outside time will he or she have? Do you simply want a refresher or do you want something more intense? Answer these questions and you will be well on your way to determining the right type of training for your dog.

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