8 Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, as a pet parent we want to keep our furry loved ones safe, but also include them during this festive time.  It’s important that you try to keep a normal routine with your pets as much as possible while keeping them safe.

Many people will put up a Christmas Tree during the holidays, if you do, be sure that your tree is secure and won’t tip over that could cause injury to your pet.  Also, if you use a real tree, keep them away from the water that you use to keep your tree alive. The water is a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to diarrhea and nausea.

Be sure that you keep glass or plastic ornaments out of reach. If you see your pet’s paws reach for a decorations or if they have got a hold of one, be sure to take it away.  If an ornament breaks, there is risk of damaging your pet’s mouth or digestive tract if chewed or swallowed.

If you enjoy holiday plants and flowers, you may want to opt out for artificial ones.  Mistletoe can lead to upset stomach and cardiovascular issues, while Holly, if ingested can cause vomiting and diarrhea.  

Holiday Sweets are often everywhere you go this time of year.  Be sure that you keep your furry companion away, especially chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol.  Keep the treats covered and if you throw them away, be sure there is a secure lid on the garbage can.

If you will be enjoying some festive holiday beverages, like Eggnog, but sure not to leave them unattended.  Alcohol can lead to your pet becoming weak, ill, or even a coma that possible could lead to death.

If you will be taking your pet to gatherings or if people will be gathering in your home, be sure you pet has a safe place to go.  Give them a room or their own, bring their kennel or an area where they can snuggle up under and easily get to their food and water.

Gift giving is one of the best parts of the holidays, but be sure your pets are kept away while gift wrapping.  The paper, string, ribbon and plastic pieces could cause blockages in the intestines. Another hazard is scissors, so keep those off the floor or low tables when your pets are around.

As the year ends, many New Year’s Eve celebrations will have noise poppers, fireworks, loud music and lots of cheers.  Many pets are afraid of loud noises, so be sure that you keep your pet is in a secure place that will reduce the loudness.

These tips should help you and your furry friends have a safe and happy holiday, while still getting your pets wearing your favorite holiday hats and gear.