How Dog Daycare Can Benefit Your Pup

With the hustle and bustle of workweek life, it’s tough to find enough time for ourselves let alone our dogs. More than likely, while you’re off to work, your dog is bored or even getting into mischief. If this sounds like your challenge and you’ve been hesitant to take your pup to daycare, we want to tell you about some of the benefits of dog daycare.

A place like Fon Jon Pet Care Center in San Diego County affords ample room for your dog to run, play, bask in the sun, and socialize.  And let’s not forget the “Fon Jon TLC” they’ll get while they are with us.

In addition to this, because Fon Jon is a top training center, some pet owners like to add dog training to the day while their pups are with us for daycare. This is perfect for any dog currently being trained or if you just want your dog to get consistent training refreshers.

dog running at great dog daycare

The Benefits of a Dog Daycare

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of dog daycare, keep reading to learn why they’re so popular.

Social Interaction

Dogs crave social interaction. However, the social interaction they crave is just time with their favorite people, but time with other dogs as well. 

Playing with humans is plenty of fun, but playing with other dogs is even more fun. They can connect with their canine selves when they’re around other dogs, making daycare a great outlet.

In addition to this, if your dog is young, he’ll really benefit from socializing with other dogs. He’ll learn social cues and get used to being around other dogs. Introducing him to groups of other dogs in a daycare setting ensures that he’s socializing safely. This will allow you to introduce him to other dogs in the future with confidence that he’ll interact appropriately.

Appropriate socialization under the supervision of trained dog professionals is just one of the many benefits of dog daycare!


Walking your dog is a great way to make sure he’s getting exercise, but he might require more than that. We also have a lot of responsibilities that can keep us from spending as much time with our dogs as we’d like, making sure they’re getting enough exercise.

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, this can also lead to destructive behavior at home. If your dog rips up carpet or chews on furniture, exercising him appropriately may be the solution.

After a fun day at daycare, your dog will return home exhausted from playing with other dogs and the daycare staff! This will significantly reduce the energy he has left to be destructive, proving another of the benefits of dog daycare.

great dog daycare

Reduce Separation Anxiety

This may be one of the most important benefits of dog daycare because separation anxiety is very common in dogs.

It’s pretty common for dogs to suffer from separation anxiety, but at some point, your dog will have to be left alone. Taking him to a dog daycare center will ease this separation anxiety because he won’t be alone. Surrounded by daycare staff and his fellow dogs, your pup won’t feel the anxiety that comes from being alone in a quiet home.

This will reduce the stress and negative feelings that accompany anxiety as well as any resulting destructive behaviors. Put your dog at ease when you can’t be home with him by taking him to doggy daycare!

The Bottom Line

People often wonder if daycare is right for their dog, but the answer to that depends on your specific dog. Whether or not daycare is right for your dog will depend on his temperament, needs, and some other factors. 

In fact, some dogs tend to do better in daycare than others. This includes puppies, adolescent dogs, high-energy breeds, and working breeds. Just remember, even if your dog doesn’t fall into one of these categories, it doesn’t mean daycare won’t be a great experience for him!

Fon Jon Pet Care Proves the Benefits of Dog Daycare! 

Now that you know that there are plenty of benefits of dog daycare, consider Fon Jon Pet Care! If you live in San Diego County and are looking for a dog daycare center where your dog will be loved and treated like family, Fon Jon Pet Care is the place for you! 

When your dog is at Fon Jon Pet Care he’ll enjoy:

  • Large outdoor yards
  • Fresh air
  • Canine buddies
  • Lots of attention
  • Private one-on-one special time

For more information on the benefits of dog daycare at Fon Jon Pet Care, located in San Diego County, e-mail us at, give us a ring at (858) 490-2117, or make an appointment online!