The Importance of Dog Training During Boarding

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, going out of town means that you need to find the perfect place to board your dog. Your top concern is finding the safest dog boarding facility for your pet. After this, you’ll likely consider the boarding environment and try to find one that works for your dog’s personality. The cost of the facility and its location in relation to your home will factor into your decision as well. These are all crucial factors to consider, but something you shouldn’t forget to consider is which facilities include dog training during boarding.

Dog boarding facilities can offer much more than just outdoor access and a couple of feedings each day. The best dog boarding facilities also provide neighborhood walks, playtime with other dogs, and even dog training during boarding.

Dog Training During Boarding: In-Lodge Training

It’s important to avoid letting your dog go without training, especially if she’s currently being trained in obedience or a specific command. Daily refreshers are necessary to make sure your dog doesn’t regress in her training. Consistency is also very important to dogs. You can’t go long periods without training then expect to pick up where you left off. In fact, going too long with training sessions could lead you to have to start from scratch.

The easiest way to avoid this is by choosing a facility that offers in-lodge dog training during boarding. Because pet care facilities are staffed by professionals, they’re proficient in training dogs even when their owners aren’t present. They know when to be flexible and when to be firm, which is exactly what dogs need during training.

dog boarding during training

How to Prepare for Dog Training During Boarding

Prior to boarding, you may want to enroll your dog in a training course at the facility. This will familiarize your dog with the facility, the staff, and the techniques they use to train. Doing this may also help reduce any separation anxiety your dog may feel when she’s dropped off for boarding.

You should also speak with the staff about your dog’s training maintenance needs. Let them know what your expectations are so you can make sure that your dog will get the best possible care. Not all facilities will be able to offer care that’s specialized for your dog, but the best dog boarding facilities will do their best to accommodate your dog’s needs.

After Boarding

Keep in mind that even the best dog training is only effective if there is adequate follow-up at home.

After you’ve picked up your dog and returned home, don’t forget to spend some extra time on training. Refreshing your dog’s training at home is beneficial to both you and your pet, and you should never stop training! The additional time spent training will also give your dog more time with you, allowing you to bond even more.

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