The Benefits of Neighborhood Walks During Overnight Dog Boarding

overnight dog boarding

Overnight dog boarding can be stressful if you are unsure of what to expect. Prior to taking your dog to a facility for dog boarding, talk with your provider about the services they offer. The best doggy daycare facilities offer clean beds, outdoor access, and regular playtime. However, another less common service that is highly recommended is neighborhood walks.

While many dog lodging facilities use outdoor pens in place of walks, this is not enough for some dogs. Many dogs, especially those who are mature adults, need the exercise and mental stimulation that comes from neighborhood or nature walks. Dogs get even more benefits from walks than that, and we’ll get into the details of these benefits in this article.

Encourage Exercise

Simply giving a dog access to an outdoor pen means very little to a dog who may not choose to exercise on his own. Being led on a walk spurs dogs into action, giving their joints the movement they need to stay healthy and strong. If you choose overnight dog boarding for a long period of time, such as a week, that’s a significant amount of time for your dog to be sedentary and it may affect his health.

Walking during boarding is also a great way to keep your dog’s immune system strong. Healthy lungs and a healthy heart as a result of walking are the best ways to stave off illness.

Mental Stimulation

Nature walks also keep a dog’s mind stimulated and stop him from getting bored. Dogs need sensory stimulation on a regular basis. Getting out of the pen and into the outside world allows them to see and smell a variety of new things. A dog with an active mind is a happy dog.

Because he’ll be getting physical and mental exercise, your dog will most likely be able to sleep better even during overnight dog boarding if he’s walked every day.

overnight dog boarding

Handler Bonding

Another benefit to daily walks is the bonding time between dog and handler. This is particularly important if you are on an extended holiday. The more time your pet spends with the handlers of the facility, the more comfortable he or she becomes with this new environment. This can lead to benefits even outside of boarding. Your dog might become friendlier and easier to manage on all walks, whether led by you, your dog walker, or a trainer.

In addition to this, some dogs need one-on-one time with humans and away from other dogs. A neighborhood walk can be the perfect way to provide your dog with this while getting some exercise and mental stimulation!

Looking for Overnight Dog Boarding That Includes Walks? Choose Fon Jon Pet Care!

Choose an overnight dog boarding facility that offers neighborhood walks as an option. This lets you know, without question, that your best friend will be getting excellent exercise at least once a day.

Fon Jon Pet Care provides lodging and daycare facilities for dogs of all sizes. You can opt to have your pet taken on nature walks with professional handlers while boarding at our facility. We love to watch dogs explore the tree line on Santa Fe Street as they enjoy the exciting adventure a new place brings. Talk to us today about our dog care facilities by calling Fon Jon Pet Care Center at 858-490-2117, contact us through our website, or stop by for a tour.