Cats: To Lodge or Not to Lodge

Leaving home for extended periods of time can be stressful for pet owners. You want to enjoy your vacation, but you don’t want your pets to suffer. What do you do?

The struggle with cat owners is finding the best spot for their needs. Some may believe that their cats are better served by staying in their home environment. Others may see that their cats, though independent and less needy than other pets, still need regular human interaction and care. This guide will help you decide which choice is best: Lodging or Staying Home.

Feeding Your Cat at Home

You have two options to manage feedings if your cat stays home while you are away. You can use an automatic cat feeder or you can hire a pet sitter to ensure your pet’s water and food dishes are full. Automatic cat feeders are problematic. Unless they are on an electronic timer, your cat may overeat and even run out of food. If they are on timers, they may malfunction, causing your pet to go hungry. A pet sitter is expensive and not always trustworthy. You must also give a stranger access to your home while you are on vacation, which is always stressful.

Cat lodging is a much better choice. You can rest assured that your pet will be well cared for around the clock by caring professionals. They will feed your cat with whatever food you supply, making sure to not over or underfeed. Under a watchful eye, your cat will not go without water either.

The Necessity of Playtime

Cats largely enjoy playing on their own. Many are satisfied with a few toys and plenty of alone time. However, a cat left with no human interaction will quickly become lonely and depressed. Some cats turn to destructive behavior. Others refuse to eat, sleep, or use their litter boxes.

Having a pet sitter may be a good alternative if that sitter has the time and patience it takes to allow a cat to warm up to a new person. Most pet sitters will simply check up on the animal’s well-being, and then be on their way. At a pet hotel, handlers are available throughout the day. They will get to know your pet so they can provide the level of companionship your cat needs and desires.

Emergency Situations

Emergencies arise without warning. Your cat could fall ill or become injured while you are gone. If he or she is left at home, those emergencies may go untreated until your return. For this reason alone, boarding your cat is the best choice. High quality watch over animals to ensure their health and safety. In addition, the best pet hotels have 24-hour access to veterinary services in the case of an illness.

Fon Jon Pet Care has been serving the San Diego area since 1950. We provide cat boarding services as well as cat bathing. Cats that vacation with Fon Jon have private condos, outdoor patios and more. Come visit us to learn how we can provide for your cat the next time you are out of town, or call Fon Jon Pet Care Center today at 858-490-2117 to get more information.