Training and Lodging Do Mix: A Guide to Finding the Best for Your Dog

in-lodge trainingA trip out of town, whether for work or play, requires you to find the perfect spot for your pets. Your top concern may be which dog boarding facility is safest. You may consider which environment seems most comfortable for your dog. Other factors, like cost and location, may influence your decision. All of these items are important, but another you may have not considered is which facility will help to maintain dog training.

Dog hotels can offer much more than access to outdoors and a couple of feedings each day. Better lodging facilities provide options for neighborhood walks, playtime with other dogs and even training or training maintenance.

If your dog is currently being trained, it is important to provide him or her with daily refreshers. Dogs thrive on consistency. Without it, your pet may regress. This might cause you to need to start from scratch, which is frustrating for both you and your dog.

The simplest solution is to choose a dog hotel that offers in-lodge training. These hotels are adept at training dogs when their owners are not present. They are flexible, yet firm, which is exactly what your dog needs in order to maintain a training routine.

If possible, enroll your dog in a training course prior to departing on your holiday. This gives your dog a familiarity with the facility as well as the training techniques that are used. When your dog is boarded, he or she will not suffer as much separation anxiety because the boarding facility is a familiar location. This makes training maintenance even easier.

Talk with the pet care technicians about your training maintenance needs. Share your expectations and desires so your pet can receive the best possible care. While many facilities are unable to offer specialized care, top-notch dog boarding will work with you as much as they reasonably can. However, you should not expect miracles. Even the best dog training is only effective if there is adequate follow-up at home.

Upon your return, don’t forget to spend some extra time on training. Refreshing your dog’s training at home is beneficial to both you and your pet. Likewise, the additional time spent training gives your dog more time with you.

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