4 Things You Should do When Your Dog Comes Home After Boarding

When San Diego dog owners come to pick up their dog from Fon Jon Pet Care’s dog boarding, it can sometimes be difficult to say who’s more excited—owners are ecstatic to see their pooches, and the pups are beside themselves with joy. After all, even though we do everything we can to make dog boarding in San Diego comfortable and fun for your pet, there’s no place like home. That said, there are a few precautions you should take when you first bring your dog back home after a visit to any pet care facility, including Fon Jon Pet Care’s kennel.

Post-Dog Boarding in San Diego Tips

1. Take Your Dog for a Walk First

Dog Boarding in San Diego

When bringing your dog home from boarding, your instinct is probably to take your dog straight into your home after picking her up, but if you want to avoid any accidents in the house, it’s best to walk your dog up and down your block (or even just around your yard) before you head indoors. The excitement of seeing you again can bring on an overactive bladder in even the most perfectly house-trained pooch, so it’s important that you stop and take some time to allow your dog to relieve herself first. 

2. Hold Off on Dog Food

Even if it’s your pet’s normal dinner time, it’s best to wait at least an hour after arriving back home from dog boarding in San Diego before offering your dog food. All of that tail wagging and jumping for joy may make your pup’s stomach do flip-flops. That kind of excitement tends to make dogs eat more quickly, which can easily become a recipe for vomiting. Wait until your pup has calmed down before offering her any food. If your dog is especially agitated or is normally a fast eater, you might even split the normal amount of food you’d give for one meal into two smaller meals.

3. Limit Your Dog’s H2O Intake

Lots of happy panting, plus the car ride home, means that your pooch will likely build up a powerful thirst. Just as with food though, slurping down an entire bowl of water too quickly can lead to vomiting. Rather than letting your dog drink as much as he wants in one go, limit the amount of water you put in his bowl at first. Another option that’s especially good for smaller dogs (and for playful puppies who can turn anything into a game) is offering ice cubes for your pet to lick. Let your pup relax after coming home from dog boarding in San Diego with some ice cubes that will keep her hydrated without drinking water too quickly!

4. Let Your Dog Sleep It Off

Dog Boarding in San Diego

If your dog seems a little more tired than usual the first few days after returning home from dog boarding in San Diego, don’t worry too much about it. The thrill of seeing you again and the extra flurry of activity surrounding coming home may mean your dog needs more shut-eye than usual.

In Need of Dog Boarding in San Diego? Fon Jon Pet Care is Here to Help!

Dog boarding in San Diego will provide a comfortable and safe place for your dog to stay while you’re away from home, but seeing you again and getting back to the comfort of her own bed will understandably cause some excitement. This is why it’s important to take things slow and implement these tips when your dog arrives home from boarding.

If you’re looking for reliable dog boarding in San Diego where your dog will feel loved and be treated like family, consider Fon Jon Pet Care. We’d be more than happy to show you around, answer your questions, and help you choose a package that suits your pet.

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