Tips for Grooming Your Dog During Winter

As the year comes to an end and the weather begins to get colder, you may believe that grooming isn’t as important for the health of your dog, but that’s not the case. Your dog doesn’t need to maintain as much hair as possible in order to stay warm during cold months, but not grooming your dog during winter could actually lead to more issues. These include potentially exposing your dog to more moisture, skin irritation, and tangles and mats, which are never good for your dog. A dog’s coat works to regulate his temperature, so the key to keeping your dog warm during winter is simply to keep their coat groomed. If you’re committed to keeping your dog groomed and healthy this winter and are looking for a dog groomer in San Diego, look no further!


Dog laying on his back in snow - dog groomer in San DiegoDuring winter, the weather gets colder, the sun sets earlier, and it’s common to have less desire to go out for a walk or a run. This might mean that your dog’s nails aren’t getting the natural trim that regular walking or jogging provides. 

Even if you are still taking your dog on long walks, if you live in a place where snow is common, you might take them out with boots on their paws, reducing the possibility for their nails to be worn down. Snow and ice can also form a barrier between hard surfaces and your dog’s nails, which can also contribute to nails becoming overly long.

Having a nail trimmer or dog groomer in San Diego that will trim your dog’s nails for you will make sure his nails aren’t neglected during winter.


While this isn’t an issue for anyone living in an area where winter snow is uncommon, if snow is common where you live, there are likely many chemicals or salts being used to melt ice on sidewalks. These chemicals can easily get stuck in the hair between your dog’s toes and paw pads, especially if they aren’t trimmed regularly. 

If your dog licks his paws after a walk, these chemicals and salts could potentially lead to gastrointestinal trouble or electrolyte issues. They can also cause skin irritation or infection if not cleaned. 

Remember to rinse and dry your dog’s paws after walks to make sure these chemicals don’t stay trapped in his paws. Keeping these areas trimmed will also make cleaning them easier, so don’t let his hair get too long. If trimming your dog’s paws yourself is difficult, you can take him to a dog groomer in San Diego who will do this for you.

Dry Skin

Dogs have to deal with their skin becoming dry more easily during winter just like humans do! The artificial dry heat created by using heaters more often affects their skin the same way it does ours. The best way to combat dry skin is with regular baths. While all dogs are different, it’s generally recommended that dogs get shampooed, conditioned, and brushed at least once a month. 

One of the most important parts of bathing is to remember conditioner because this is what will help keep your dog’s coat and skin moisturized and protected from becoming dry. A groomer will make sure your dog’s coat is conditioned during every grooming session, so you may want to consider a dog groomer in San Diego.

Long Hair

Long haired dog standing in snow - dog groomer in San DiegoDog owners with long-haired dogs are more likely to believe that they don’t need to groom their dog’s coat during winter. While letting your dog’s coat grow out isn’t necessarily bad for your dog, it comes with more issues than a trimmed coat. 

The longer your dog’s hair, the more frequently he’ll need to be brushed, and if his hair gets long enough, brushing may even become too difficult to manage. Keeping your dog’s hair trimmed will help make brushing manageable, and brushing is important to keep your dog warm during winter. 

Keeping your dog’s coat healthy, untangled, and mat-free is the best thing to do during any season, including winter, so don’t neglect to brush and trim. You may also want to use a coat spray that includes a moisturizer to help keep his skin protected from becoming dry. Even in a mild winter climate, it’s important to keep your dog’s long coat groomed, and a dog groomer in San Diego can make a big difference.

Lastly, it’s common for dogs to shed during winter, and regular brushing will remove the loose hair, decreasing the likelihood of your dog’s coat becoming matted or tangled.

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