Tips for Continuing Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, many are mistaken into thinking that once their dog’s obedience training is completed, there is nothing else that needs to be done. This is a huge misconception. Like learning something new, such as a musical instrument, sport, or even language, we constantly need to practice otherwise we will lose the skill. Dogs and their training fall into this same learning category, and remember: if you’re dog training in San Diego, Fon Jon Pet Care is here to help!

However, if you prefer to get some tips so you can train your dog on your own, we have that for you as well!

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Dog Training in San Diego: Tips for Continuing Training

Always be Ready to Train

We all know that it’s important to teach our dogs basic obedience when they’re puppies, but once they have this down, many of us believe that training is done. The problem is that this can lead to your dog eventually falling into bad behaviors or failing to respond to your commands. However, this can be avoided with practice!

Keep your dog well-trained by working with them regularly, but also randomly, several times a day. This may sound like it’ll require a lot of time, but any time can become a training moment. If your dog is waiting for dinner, have her “sit” while she waits. When the two of you come to a door, have “wait” before entering. The possibilities are endless and can happen naturally throughout your day.

You should also teach your dog new behaviors. One new trick a month will work, keeping your dog sharp and motivated. You may also want to consider professional dog training in San Diego to keep them well trained.

Find the Right Amount of Time For Training Sessions

Teaching new behaviors to your dog is going to take multiple sessions, no matter how smart she is. However, training sessions shouldn’t go on for too long either, or they won’t be effective.

The key is to work on a new behavior until you see a positive result, reward your dog, then finish your session. You can’t expect your dog to get it perfect on the first try, so give her time and breaks. 

A training session that goes on for too long will bore your dog, leading her to lose interest in learning. If you see even small improvements, take that as a success for the session and reward her. You can also take a break then start a new session because short bursts of training are better than one long session.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

When training, you can’t just react to behavior, you need to anticipate behavior and curb anything that is unwanted. This will become easier over time as you build a relationship with your dog.

Once you’ve been training your dog for some time, you should be able to anticipate how she may misbehave. If you simply try to correct misbehavior, your training will never be as successful as you’d like.

For example, if you want your dog to stop barking, you can’t wait for the barking to begin. Instead, take notice of when your dog will start barking and distract her with another, acceptable behavior before it starts.

Remember, your dog will only stop learning if you stop teaching, so never stop training!dog training in san diego

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