Dog Training Techniques for Anyone With a Busy Schedule

dog training techniques

You have a jam-packed schedule that is too tight to allow for another commitment. How can you complete the training that your dog needs? Instead of stressing over how to fit training into your schedule, consider these dog training techniques. Fon Jon Pet Care also provides options that will work with even the busiest schedules while providing your dog with much-needed training. Keep reading to learn more!

Short training sessions

Training sessions don’t have to be long for them to be effective. In fact, for most dogs, short bursts of training are more effective than long sessions. 

Long sessions will always make you feel as though you’ll never have time to train your dog and may lead to you putting off training. Your training sessions can be as short as five minutes and still be effective. This will also stop your dog from becoming bored with the session. This will make your dog enthusiastic and excited about training sessions.

You can also spread these quick sessions throughout the day. Taking a few minutes to ask your dog to sit before eating is a simple way to get training into regular interactions. This will easily make training part of your regular routine and soon you’ll be training without even thinking about it!

Make mealtimes training sessions

For food-motivated dogs, a bowl of their food can be a huge reward. This makes meals the perfect time to get in some quick dog training. You can do this either by asking your dog to perform a desired behavior before feeding or by splitting up his food and training for multiple behaviors or repetitions.

Use non-food rewards

Treats and kibble aren’t the only rewards you can provide your dog with during training. Dogs will also respond to praise, a toy, or even a cuddle. Anything that your dog responds to and will work for can be used as a reward in training.

Whenever you notice that your dog is excited about something, use that moment for a quick training session. Try working on some behaviors before giving your dog the toy, such as “stay”, “down”, or “sit”. 

Use walks for training

Finally, a great technique for fitting dog training into your busy schedule is training during walks. There a lots of things that you probably don’t want your dog exploring, which can be used to work on “leave it”, or you can work on having your dog sit before crossing a street. 

Just keep in mind that training can be more difficult when you’re out in the world than when you’re at home. Your dog will be more excited and more easily distracted, so be patient and make sure you’ve worked on the basics at home or somewhere without distractions.

In-lodge dog training

A one-week, in-lodge training session may be the perfect choice if you feel you need some extra help with training and can’t attend a class. In-lodge training requires that your dog be boarded for a full week, with daily lessons on basic obedience and commands. In-lodge training is useful for puppies who have not previously experienced training and are starting from scratch. All that is required of you is to attend a one-hour, private training session so you can follow up at home around your own schedule.

Private dog training

Maybe you have a busy schedule, but you don’t want to be away from pup for an entire week. Maybe you have an older dog that needs to be trained. Perhaps your pet has had previous training that needs to be refreshed. If any of these are the case, private lessons are probably for you. Most private lessons consist of four weeks of one hour courses that are held one-on-one with you, your dog and a trainer. If your dog only needs a slight refresh, even one private lesson can be scheduled. Each of these are easy to fit into even the tightest schedule because you get to pick the day and time. You can even opt for training in your home in some cases.

Get Dog Training Help at Fon Jon Pet Care

Only you can decide what dog training techniques will work best for you and your dog. However, if you need help, Fon Jon Pet Care is only a phone call away. Call us at (858) 280-3673 or stop by our facility in San Diego. We are happy to talk with you about your pet’s specific needs and introduce you to our highly trained staff. Don’t put off training any longer. Call us and get started today.