Keep Your Dog Healthy With Exercise During Boarding

When you must be away from your pet, your top concern is that he or she is happy and healthy. This starts with choosing the best San Diego County dog boarding facility you can find. In order to determine this, you’ll check references, ensure the facility has access to an expert veterinarian, tour the space, and go over any special needs your dog may have. You should also ask the staff about exercise during boarding to ensure the best experience for your favorite four-legged friend.

The Importance of Exercise During Boarding

A dog that is away from his or her home and owner may become sullen and depressed. Physical activity helps lift a dog’s spirits. The more movement your dog is able to have, the less likely sadness will set in. A fun-filled exercise routine also helps your dog sleep well, which can be difficult when away from home.

Along with the mental benefits of exercise, dogs benefit physically as well. Even if your dog is only boarded for a few days, exercise is important in aiding digestion and keeping a healthy immune system. A dog that stays crated indoors is far more likely to suffer from disease and joint pain.

exercise during boarding

What Exercise is Best for Your Pet?

It is unnecessary and even unhealthy for a facility to provide excessive exercise during boarding. This can be counterproductive. A good facility may walk your dog throughout the day or provide the outdoor space needed to exercise at will. You may even be able to customize the exercise your dog receives. Some dogs prefer to play with friends while others prefer to play alone. Be sure that you talk with your dog boarding facility about exercise during boarding and what you expect for your best friend.

Some dog boarding facilities also offer training while your pet is in-house. This can be an excellent choice for younger dogs and their owners as they will benefit from their dogs being more obedient. Training provides the exercise they need while also keeping what they know top of mind even when away from home.

As you can see, exercise during boarding is very important for dogs. When choosing a San Diego County dog boarding facility, ask the pet care staff the following questions to assess how well they exercise their campers.

  • Are dogs taken out for walks? If yes, how many times a day?
  • Does your facility provide ample outside space for dogs to play? How much of each day in boarding is spent outside?
  • Do boarded dogs play together or alone?

Choose Fon Jon Pet Care for Your Dog Boarding and Daycare Needs

If you’re looking for a facility that always provides exercise during boarding, contact Fon Jon Pet Care. The health and happiness of your dog are important to us, which is why we always treat our campers like family. With more than 70 years of experience serving San Diego County pets, we know exactly how to exercise your pet while you’re away. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ll care for your dog while you’re away, call us today at 858-490-2117 or contact us on our website.