Exercising Your Dog in Summer: An Ultimate Guide

Exercising Your Dog in Summer: An Ultimate Guide

Exercising your dog is a necessity and when the seasons change you must be equipped for the weather that the season brings. Summer is a tricky season for exercising your dog and keeping them safe in hot conditions is imperative. Avoiding heat exhaustion, heatstroke, burned paws, and other heat-induced conditions can be done by following these tips.

Tips for Summer Exercising

  • Keeping your dog hydrated is a fundamental part of exercising your dog. Bringing water and keeping it readily available is important. Bring a portable, collapsible water bowl or a squirt bottle for your pet during activities. Give him small amounts of water every 15 to 20 minutes during the activity. Make sure you have enough cool water to last the entire time you’re exercising. 

  •  Along with keeping water with you, keeping an ice pack and cold towels with you are useful as well. They are a supplement to all the other precautions that you are taking that can make a big difference in your pet’s walk.
  • Finding the shade at a park or other locations is an invaluable point that allows your pet to be cool while exercising and gives them a cool spot during their activities. Allowing them to rest and relax in cool spots during and after exercise will help keep their body temperature down.
  • Choose activities that can be taken place in water. For example, playing in sprinklers, lakes or pools can be a great alternative to other dry playtime activities.


  • Avoid exercising during the afternoon or midday. Playing in the mornings or evenings can help avoid your dog having to walk on hot pavement and have an overall more enjoyable experience. 
  • Pay attention to your dog if you notice they are not as enthusiastic or seem extremely restless whilst being outside in the hot weather it may be best to stop. Signs of heat stroke can range from vomiting, excessive panting, and noticeable discomfort. 
  • Purchase summertime gear for your pet. To avoid your pet burning their paws purchasing dog booties can be a smart investment as well as sunscreen because dogs can get sunburn or sunscreen. Dogs sweat by panting so buying them gear like a cooling vest can help keep them cool during exercise. 

Maintaining your dog’s health and keeping them active in the summertime is necessary that can’t be negotiated. Ultimately, taking preventative measures can avoid harmful consequences and keep your dog safe. Exercising is typically a fun activity that every dog looks forward to bring them water and finding shade can help them look forward to exercising. Following these guidelines can keep them safe and happy during playtime.

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