Flea and Tick Season

fleas and ticks protection

Summertime is upon us, and that means lots of sunshine and outside play for the entire family. This includes some of our most treasured family members, the pets. Running through the yard, playing in the grass or relaxing in the shade under a nearby tree are just a few things that most pets enjoy when exploring the great outdoors. Yet outside just beyond each household door waiting for your precious dog or cat to venture out and beyond is a hidden threat just watching and waiting – ticks and fleas.

How to Keep Your Pets from Catching Fleas and TicksĀ flea protection

Preventing your beloved dogs and cats from dealing with pesky fleas and dangerous tick bites is something that every responsible pet owner attempts to do. Flea bites can be painful for our furry friends and can jeopardize their health while ticks can put their overall safety in danger as well. Just a few of the threats that your pet could face when coming into contact with one of these pests include bites that itch and hurt making your pet miserable as they spend countless hours a day scratching away. Other hazards from getting bitten include possible scarring, hair loss, chafed skin, and even parasites. A ticks bite can cause additional risks to your animal including anemia, lameness or they can develop Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

What Products ProvideĀ  the Best Protection?

Finding good products is the first step in helping both dogs and cats avoid being bothered and bitten during prime season for ticks and fleas. A visit to your veterinarian’s office will help give you peace of mind as well as what options are available for prevention while ensuring your pet safety. Speak opening and honestly with your vet regarding your concerns and ask plenty of questions. Pet safety is of the utmost importance and your vet is a great resource for expert advice on what flea and tick prevention methods will work well and are also safe for your four-legged friend. From oral medications, shampoo baths, and flea collars there is quite a variety to choose from.

Treating your yard is also an important factor in an attempt to deter any of those dangerous insects in setting up camp and avoiding an infestation. A visit to your local pet store will help provide options on what products to use, how frequently you should apply the treatment and what precautions for your pets safety should be implemented. It may also be beneficial while at the pet store to see if they may carry any of the products that your veterinarian recommended for treatment as pet stores are known for having sales, accepting coupons and may even have a rewards program that will help keep the costs down.

By taking the proper precautions to avoid these pesky nuisances that can wreak havoc on not only your pets livelihood but yours as well will help the entire family enjoy a fun and memorable summer itch, scratch and infection free!