How Dog Daycare in San Diego Can Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

dog daycare in san diego

If you’ve been considering and researching dog daycare, you’re probably aware that it has many benefits. What you may not yet be aware of, though, is that sending your dog to daycare even on just a weekly basis can help improve his behavior. If you’re considering dog daycare in San Diego, keep reading to learn how it can help your dog behave better!

Safe Socialization

Some dogs, especially those that are the only dog in a household, don’t have many opportunities to safely socialize with other dogs. By taking him to daycare, he’ll have the chance to play with lots of other dogs of varying sizes, breeds, and personalities in a controlled environment.

In addition to this, our daycare staff at Fon Jon Pet Care are always there to keep an eye on our furry campers. Our team knows what behavior and body language to look out for and is trained to intervene before an issue arises. In addition to this, it’s important to us to provide all of our campers with a positive experience and allow dogs to have as much fun as possible socializing and playing with each other!

But how will proper socialization help improve your dog’s behavior? If he’s shy, regular socialization in a safe environment can help him build confidence and develop good manners. This may mean that your dog will be less reactive or fearful when he’s out with you. Socialization at a dog daycare in San Diego will also allow your dog to express himself and get his energy out. This will avoid destructive behaviors at home while keeping him happy!

Plenty of Exercise

Even though we’re sure that home is your dog’s favorite place, being left alone all day can be hard on him. Long hours of inactivity aren’t good for a dog’s health. Even if your dog has access to your yard when you’re not home, he may not be motivated to run around and play by himself. 

However, when he’s at Fon Jon Pet Care’s dog daycare in San Diego, other dogs will actively play with him, encouraging him to be active. He’ll also interact with our daycare staff so he can get all the human interaction he needs as well. All this play with people and dogs will not only benefit your dog’s physical health, but his emotional well-being as well.

When left home alone, your dog may find his own ways to burn his energy, such as by digging in the yard or destroying furniture. After a day at daycare, your dog will return home happy and too tired to get up to any mischief.

dog daycare in san diego

Reduce Anxiety Caused by Loneliness or Boredom

When you leave your dog alone to go to work for eight hours a day, he misses you. This may not be much of an issue for some dogs, but for others, this can cause separation anxiety. He may wait for you by a window or door for hours or resort to destructive behaviors to preoccupy himself. He may even spend hours crying, howling, or barking which can become an issue with neighbors.

Even if your dog doesn’t have separation anxiety, he’s bound to get bored at some point when left at home by himself. This boredom can also turn into anxiety, resulting in destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture or tearing up carpet.

At Fon Jon Pet Care’s dog daycare in San Diego, your dog will never feel lonely or bored! He’ll spend his day socializing with our staff and other dogs, keeping him entertained. Even weekly daycare sessions can benefit your dog and help alleviate his loneliness or boredom.

It Keeps Up a Regular Routine

You and your dog have a regular routine when you’re home with him. This routine likely consists of feeding times, playtime, bathroom breaks, and maybe even naps. However, a full-time job, especially one with inconsistent schedules, can affect this routine.

Dogs are creatures of habit, which means that routine and structure are very important to keep them well adjusted. If you work long or inconsistent hours, daycare can provide a structured routine throughout your dog’s day that may be consistent with his routines at home. 

Just as boredom and loneliness can lead to anxiety in your dog, a lack of structure can cause this as well. Keeping him on a routine that includes Fon Jon Pet Care’s dog daycare in San Diego can keep him comfortable and avoid bad behavior.  

Get the Best Dog Daycare in San Diego at Fon Jon Pet Care

At Fon Jon Pet Care’s dog daycare in San Diego, your dog will spend his day safely playing and socializing with other dogs and our staff for a day of fun. Our outdoor play yard is very spacious and has a park-like setting with a variety of ramps, kiddie pools, and plenty of other fun activities! Of course, if your dog prefers to be one-on-one with a human playmate, we offer a private doggie daycare package.

At Fon Jon Pet Care, you’ll get top-quality dog daycare! We know that daycare is very beneficial for dogs and makes your life easier as a pet parent, so we’re here to ensure that your pup is happy, healthy, and well cared for during the day.

Trust your dog to a pet care facility with more than 70 years of experience providing dog daycare, dog boarding, pet grooming, and dog training in San Diego County. Visit our website or call us at (858) 490-2117 to get more information about all of our services. You can also make an appointment online!