Introducing a Cat and Dog to a New Household

pets living together

There is always a challenge to introducing new pets to each other. This is never more apparent than when the pets in question are a dogs and cats. Because they have such different personalities, introducing a dog and a cat to each other can be problematic. Luckily, this can be overcome with some time and patience.

Introducing a New Pet to the Home 

cat and dog indoors
Give your cat or dog time to settle before putting them together

You have had your existing pet for a while, but you have decided to bring a new family member to live with you in your home. Dogs are often very territorial, which can cause animosity and even a violent reaction. It is wise to introduce the animals slowly and with great care.

Bring the cat into a room where the dog feels safe and happy. Keep the animals separated, always being sure that both are able to be controlled. The best method may be to have dogs leashed while cats are either held tightly, kept in a carrier or crated. Both pets will be naturally curious. Allow dogs to sniff cats while the smaller animals are kept safe from sudden movements. Use a calm, assuring voice and offer treats to both animals as they become acquainted.

If either pet reacts negatively, rebuke them with a firm word. Remove the animals from one another. Wait for them to calm, and then try again. Eventually, they will grow accustomed to one another, though it could take days or even a couple of weeks.

Allow Time For Both Pets to Settle

When your pets have finally overcome any curiosity, you can allow the new pet out of the confines of the crate. It is now the cat’s turn to explore. You will want to continue to keep your dog on a leash so you can act quickly should a violent outburst occur. However, you should also allow both animals to smell each other or even play together before separating them once more. It is wise to keep the animals away from one another when you cannot be present until they have both settled into the household.

You do not have to worry about your pets when boarding at Fon Jon Pet Care. Fon Jon keeps dogs and cats separate at all times. This includes those animals that are accustomed to co-existing. When you schedule your next boarding session, feel free to ask about how we board your pet and what measures we take to ensure their safety. Call us at 858-490-2117 for info.