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Pet Hotels vs. Pet Sitters: What’s Best for Your Dog?

Pet Hotels vs. Pet Sitters: What’s Best for Your Dog?

Your vacation is looming and you need a place for your beloved pet. You could call a pet sitter to come to your home or book a stay at a pet hotel. What do you do?

Picking a Pet Sitter

You may think that a pet sitter is the best idea for your dog. The pet sitter comes to your home throughout the day, giving your dog playtime, walks and food. Your dog is able to rest comfortably in his or her own home without the stress of a strange location.

There is an unfortunate downside to this choice. Left alone all day in your home with only the occasional visit from a stranger can be extremely stressful for your dog. He or she may act out by destroying home interiors or soiling the rug. In addition, there is no oversight for a pet sitter. The person you hire may or may not follow through with all of your dog’s needs. You have no proof except for their word. Last, if a dog has an emergency while your pet sitter is away, nothing can be done.

Choosing a Doggy Daycare

Dog hotels and doggy daycare facilities can serve as homes away from home for your pet. When you are out of town for a one-day trip or an extended vacation, a pet hotel is a good choice for around-the-clock care. Facilities that provide dog training and grooming are the best choices because they can help your pet in a variety of ways.

An excellent dog daycare has staff throughout the day and night. They will make sure that your dog is well taken care of even after hours. Your dog will always receive regular walks, playtime, meals, and companionship. Dog hotels like Fon Jon and Oceanside Pet Hotel have relationships with top-notch veterinarians, so your companion will have excellent care if an emergency arises. You also know that your pet’s care provider is reliable and trustworthy because there is regular oversight.

A pet hotel is often the best choice for dogs. However, pet owners could worry that their pet may suffer from stress by being exposed to a new environment. In order to alleviate this worry, make introductions before going on your extended leave. Allow your dog to meet the care providers. Let him or her bring along a favorite toy or blanket. Consider a one-day trial in advance to help your dog create new, happy memories. Whatever you do, make sure that you choose a dog hotel that cares as much for your pet as you do.

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