The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017

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Each year, compiles a list of the most popular dog names. In recent years, they have repeatedly found that people prefer to give naming your dog
their dogs human names rather than more traditional canine names like Spot or Patches.

Along with the most popular names, there are popular naming trends as well. When polled, more than half of all dog owners state that they name their pets after characters from pop culture. Sci-fi and superhero names are among the most used. Names like Chewbacca, Thor, Loki, Rey and Antiope may be some of the most heard names at the dog park.

If you want to find a name that will make your dog stand out, let us help. Start by looking at the list of top dog names and narrowing those completely out. Next, no matter how much you may love a given movie or comic book series, shy away from pop culture. Instead, draw your inspiration from other places.

Most Popular Names for Female Dogs

  • Bella
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Sadie
  • Molly
  • Maggie
  • Bailey
  • Sophie

Most Popular Names for Male Dogs

  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Cooper
  • Buddy
  • Jack
  • Rocky
  • Oliver
  • Bear
  • Duke
  • Tucker

Historical Figures

Look to the past to find your future dog’s name! Choose a the name of a famous philosopher, painter, composer or general. Who wouldn’t want a dog named Pollock or Nietzsche?

Favorite Food

In the 2017 film, A Dog’s Purpose, the many names of the titular dog followed suit with the most popular names of the year. However, one name stood out: Waffles. What’s your favorite food? Peanut, Cheddar and Pumpkin are all some of the more common food names for dogs, but why stop there? Names like Chocolate Chip or Skittles are adorable and less common.

Thoughts and Emotions

Once upon a time, feelings and emotions were source material for names. Mercy, Pleasance, Patience and even Mourning were not uncommon in early America. Bring some of these sentiments back for your dog. While you may have heard a name like Rowdy or Joy a time or two, what about Amity, Verity or Blessing?

Wait it Out

How many dogs do you know that have an earned nickname that is used more than the name their owners chose? Digger, Scooter, Hugsy and, yes, even Pooper are names that fall upon the dog whose personality is stronger than its name. There is no rush to name your new puppy when he or she comes home. Simply give it time and a name may organically appear.

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