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Purrrfect Cat Care at Fon-Jon

Purrrfect Cat Care at Fon-Jon
cat boarding
The cats who stay at Fon-Jon love the pampering experience they get.

Although many of our blogs tend to lean towards dog care and dog training, we can’t forget how much we love taking care of cats at Fon-Jon.

While the dogs are playing outside, the cats stretch out in their own suites. Aside from the spacious kitty condos, we also have an enclosed and covered outdoor patio that gives our feline visitors a chance to get some fresh air. It’s also the ideal spot for curious kitties who simply have to know what’s going on to take in the sights.

Some people think that when they leave town, putting out food, water, and a fresh litter box is enough to suffice. But even though cats aren’t always as social with humans as dogs generally are, cats do need regular care and human contact to be happy and healthy. A cat left to its own devices for days is likely to develop antisocial behaviors and to act out in destructive ways (say goodbye to those houseplants!). Even if you do have someone coming by to check in on your kitty, it’s safer for your pet to be in a supervised environment.

You know that we offer all kinds of extras for pooches at Fon-Jon, but we’ve also got ways to make your cat’s stay even more comfortable. We can pamper your kitty even more with personal “Purr N’ Play Sessions” giving your cat some one-on-one time with one of our trained animal specialists. If your cat’s used to spending time in (or at least gazing at!) the great outdoors, we can do a kitty walk, securing your cat inside a comfy, enclosed stroller for a walk around the neighborhood.

After all, the cats should be spoiled just as much as the dogs at Fon-Jon! And we want to be sure that when you come home from time away, your cat is relaxed and happy to see you.


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