Tips to Make Dog Nail Trimming Easy and Stress-Free

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Dog nail trimming is an important part of keeping your furry friend happy, healthy, and looking good. The only problem? Nail trimming can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many dogs. If you’re a pet parent dealing with a pup that is less than enthusiastic about this part of dog grooming, you’ve come to the right… Read More

Summer Dog Grooming: 6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool and Comfortable

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Summer means lots of things for your dog. Longer days provide more opportunities to play and warm weather means more time spent outside walking or swimming. However, it also means that some summer dog grooming adjustments may have to be made. You know that winter calls for specific dog grooming requirements, and summer has some… Read More

Keeping Your Cat Cool When the Weather’s Hot

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Though they’re called the “dog days” of summer, when the weather heats up it affects your cat, too! It can be harder to notice the impact that heat can have on your kitty, since cats are cool customers—by the time your cat is visibly acting uncomfortable, that means your cat is extremely uncomfortable. Here are… Read More