Taking Care of Your Dog in Rainy Season

Dogs are creatures of habit. With that being said, their daily activities – such as long walks and playtime – should not be compromised due to a dreary, rainy day. As a responsible dog owner, you should prepare your dog for outdoor activities in the rain. Here are some safety measures and precautions to keep in mind during the rainy season:

Keep your dog’s fur dry and protected

Did you know your dog’s fur is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi? When you dry your dog’s fur after a stroll in the rain, you keep these organisms at bay. The rainy season is also peak time for fleas and ticks.  Be sure that you are treating your pooch during this time of year. These safety measures will help avoid pesky bugs, skin infections, itchiness, and uncomfortable dampness on your dog.

Clean your dog’s paws 

Think about it: your dog’s paws come in contact with the ground all the time. This makes them vulnerable to mud, water, grass, and insects that can cause infection. Try to avoid puddles and mud when possible, although some dogs just can’t resist.  Simply clean your dog’s paws by wiping them down after going outside to avoid any discomfort.

Keep your dog’s bedding dry

Cold surfaces can harm your dog’s joints. Keep them comfortable and pain-free with dry bedding. If they tend to relax outside, make sure their area is covered and dry.

Clean your dog’s ears

Your dog’s ears can also get infected if not cared for properly. Dog breeds with closed ears, such as labs and basset hounds, are more at risk than dogs with short, open ears. This is because earwax and moisture accumulate quicker in dogs with closed ears. Make sure to keep your dog’s ears dry and be on the lookout for any infection.

Conduct activities inside the house

The rain makes outdoor activities unpleasant. Therefore, you have the option to get creative and entertain your dog inside the house. You can play fetch or teach them new tricks in the house or garage. 

Be on the lookout for infection

Rainy weather brings on extra moisture, which can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Keep a close eye on your dog and watch out for symptoms of infection, which include excessive licking, itching, scratching, and odorous ears.  Consult your vet if any symptoms of infection emerge. 

Calm your pooch during Storms

Many dogs have anxiety during storms, especially if there is thunder and lighting.  Have a safe place for your dog to go where they feel comfortable, maybe a kennel or on your lap when you are home.  Keep an eye on the forecast to be sure you know if your dog may need the TV or radio left on to help drown out the storm.  You can also look into purchasing a thunder shirt if your dog needs an extra calming solution.

Take care of your loyal companion during rainy season with these tips. Make sure to keep them dry and comfortable in order to avoid infection. Don’t let the fun end just because it’s raining!