Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Taking Your Pet on Vacation

family-car-travel-with-dogWe all need a break. Getting away from home and experiencing a new place is often the easiest way to get your mind off of your troubles. Leave the stress at home as you relax, dine and explore. Vacations are even better when you can take your dog with you.

Traveling With a Dog by Air

You can bring your dog on an airplane with you, even if you are traveling overseas. Airlines differ on their restrictions for pets, so it is wise to thoroughly explore your options before paying for your plane ticket. Most airlines have dedicated staff to help you arrange air travel with your dog. Be prepared. You will probably have to pay a considerable amount for air travel. Likewise, many breeds are not allowed on airlines. Boxers, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus and Pugs are among those that may not be permitted to travel with cargo.

Once you have discussed the options and purchased your tickets, you still need to take some measures to ensure the flight is pain-free for you and your pet. You will need a carrier, even if the dog is traveling with you as carry-on luggage. You must also visit your vet prior to departure. Airlines will require you have a health certificate with vaccines listed that is less than 10 days old. In addition, a stressed pet may need anxiety meds, but use these with care. Some tranquilizers may interfere with your dog’s ability to manage the change in air pressure.

Car Travel with Your Pets

A road trip with your dog can be a great alternative to flying. The two of you can stretch your legs and take a break any time you wish. You are able to bring treats, foods, toys and comforts of home with you without worrying about taking up precious luggage space. You also don’t have to worry about annoying fellow passengers who may have allergies or sensitivities to dog hair.

Car travel may require a protector for your seats, especially if your dog gets carsick. You will also need to bring plenty of bags for poop scooping and a plan of appropriate places to stop. Many stores and restaurants do not allow animals. It is not safe to leave a dog in an unattended car for more than a few minutes. Plan to pack your meals while driving and eat at a park rather than leaving your best friend alone in what could possibly be a very dangerous situation.

Vacation Boarding for Dogs

While traveling with your pet is fun, vacation boarding is often the best option. Booking a stay for your pet at a doggie hotel guarantees your pet’s safety and security. You will have fewer difficulties with managing dog-friendly locations. You will also have less stress. Dog boarding can serve as a vacation for your pet as well.

If you have questions about dog boarding, call Fon Jon Pet Care in San Diego. We have more than 30 years of experience providing top quality dog boarding, bathing and training for dogs in the San Diego area. We would love to provide your pet with the vacation of a lifetime.

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