Tips For Bringing Home a New Puppy (Or Dog)

bringing home a new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is always an exciting event. Unfortunately, your current fur baby may not react to the new member of the family with excitement or joy. Although it’s typical for a dog to be bothered when a new dog or puppy is brought home, there are ways to make the introduction easier. Don’t let their first impressions of each other be overshadowed by anxiety and frustration. Instead, follow these simple steps to create a lasting bond.

Introducing Your Puppy to Her New Environment

Create a welcoming environment for your dog before you even bring him or her home. Have a comfortable spot available for your new pet that has not been previously used by other animals. Purchase a new bed, toys, and food dishes that will belong to the new pet and the new pet alone. If possible, bring some of your puppy’s previous comfort items home with you. This will allow your pup to have an object of familiarity in a new space.

In addition to this, allowing unencumbered exploration is an important part of bringing home a new puppy. This may mean placing other pets in another room or enclosed area for the time being. Instruct all family members to give the dog some space to sniff. Take your dog outside as well. Your yard is an important part of your dog’s home. Let her enjoy the yard for a while before you begin interacting.

Creating a Friendship Between Dogs

When bringing home a new puppy, your existing dog may feel territorial at first. This can lead to depression or aggression. Ideally, you should split the dogs up for the first meeting. Take both dogs to a park or other neutral area where they can meet and get to know one another without worries about territorial disputes. Make sure both dogs are on leashes so you can easily intervene if a problem arises. Once they’re comfortable with one another, you can take them both home.

If this isn’t possible, that’s okay. Just be sure to make first introductions outside, on leashes, and separated until both dogs grow comfortable. Be prepared for it to take some time. It’s best to leave the leashes dragging so neither dog feels constrained, but stay close so you’re prepared to pull one or both dogs away.

Avoid leaving the dogs alone together for the first couple of weeks. Keep them in separate rooms or in crates when you can’t be near. This will avoid any fights or injuries between your dogs.

One of the best ways to ensure dogs get along is to take them both to training classes, such as what we provide through Man-K9. Group training allows your dogs to get to know each other as well as other dogs in a happy, positive, and neutral environment. It’ll also give your new puppy a jump start on excellent behavior.

Meeting Other Pets in the Family

Do you have other small pets? You may worry about your new dog playing too rough with a cat or other animal. You can introduce these animals indoors, but you should always keep your dog well-guarded around an animal that could possibly be injured. Let your dog know that these pets are part of the family. When the dog begins to ignore the other animal you can feel positive that he or she has come to accept the other animal’s presence.

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