Tips for Calming Your Crazy Cat

Many cat owners will tell you that cats are naturally a creature of comfort and habit.  However, they can also have sensory overload and become scared or stressed. Here are a few tips if you need help to calm your feline friend.


Many of us want to pet, hold and cuddle a cat when we see them, however, walking right up to a cat and picking it up isn’t always a good option.  If you want to pick up your or someone’s cat it’s best to approach them slowly and with a calm voice. Or often, it’s better to let your or someone’s cat approach you.  This will give your cat empowerment, allowing them to interact with you on their own terms.


If you find that your cat is stressed out over certain situations, like a vacuum or guests in your home, and shows signs of anxiety, be sure they have a quiet and cozy place they can go to.  This will provide a non-threatening environment that will allow the cat’s anxiety to lower. Giving your cat down-time to calm down will help them deal with their anxiety.

Essential Oils

There are different oils you can also use to help calm down a crazy cat.  The first thing to know is that you should never put any oils directly on your cat’s skin.  Ideally, you can use them in their bathwater, a spritzer, or in an oil burner. You can also just put a drop on a paper towel and have it in the room.  Be sure to keep the oils out of reach, as in high doses they can be dangerous to your cat. One of the most calming essential oils is lavender, which people also find calming.  Other oils are honeysuckle and chamomile that also have a soothing effect.  


Much like kids, cats will adapt better if there are daily routines.  Having them fed, played with, and consistent downtime will aid them in feeling calm.  The predictability helps lower their stress levels.

Play Time

Having toys that your cat can play with are great.  But also be sure that the toys you have are not just one-sided.  Have some toys that you are interacting with your cat and play with them a couple of times each day.  If your cat seems to be “climbing up the walls”, it’s probably a good time to interact with them and play.   Once they get their energy out, you will likely find they are ready to cozy up and take a nap.