Top 10 Pet-Friendly Places in San Diego

Dog Beach

You love your pet, so of course you want to spend as much time together as possible. Taking your pets with you when you enjoy public spaces creates easy days and fun memories. Get to know which places in San Diego are best for your four-legged friends so you don’t have to worry where they will be accepted and where they might be sent away.

Dog Beach San Diego
Dog Beach is an off-leash beach where your dog can run and play to his heart’s content.
  1. Dog Beach 

San Diego’s own Dog Beach is all pets all the time! Best of all, Dog Beach is an off-leash beach. Your dog can run and play to his heart’s content. Other dog-friendly beaches in San Diego include Fiesta Island’s Off-Leash Dog Park, Cabrillo Tide Pool Trail, Coronado Dog Beach and North Beach.

  1. Nate’s Point Off-Leash Dog Park 

    off leash dog park
    Nate’s Point is an off-leash area where you and your dog can make some new friends

Head to Nate’s Point for an off-leash area where you and your dog can make some new friends. Enjoy a walk, have a picnic or just relax in the grass. Nate’s Point is open 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about over-staying your welcome.

  1. Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

Enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Los Penasquitos is about seven miles of canyons and culture. You can bring your dog with you as you explore, just make sure you keep her on leash.

  1. Seaport Village

Go shopping, get a bite to eat or just enjoy a stroll along the waterfront. Dogs are welcome outdoors in the large, grassy expanse as well as in some of Seaport Village’s restaurants. Call ahead to make sure the restaurant you choose is one of the many that will let your pet join you.

  1. Original Paw Pleasers Dog Bakery

A full boutique and one of the first dog bakeries in the city, Original Paw Pleasers lets you bring your dog with you as you shop. Look for accessories like leashes and bowls. Shop for toys and chewables. You can buy your dog’s daily food at Paw Pleasers or you can get specialty items. They even make birthday cakes for cats, dogs or any other furry friends you want to celebrate.

  1. Aqua Adventures Kayaks and Paddleboards 

    Iron Mountain Trail in San Diego County
    Dogs who have a lot of energy to burn will love this nearly six mile nature trail.

Does your dog love the water? Are you both interested in adding more adventure to your life? Aqua Adventures Kayaks and Paddleboards are open to you as well as your dog. Just make sure you both have adequate water experience before you step aboard your personal watercraft.

  1. Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

One of the many restaurants that welcome dogs is Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. This pub has a pet-friendly patio that is perfect for enjoying warm California days with your best friend. Lazy Dog even has a doggy menu to keep your best friend from feeling left out of all the fun.

  1. Hotel Solamar

The city has a number of hotels that welcome pets inside. If you are visiting Southern California or have out of town guests with pets, make sure you check out Hotel Solamar. Other hotels that welcome pets include Hilton Bayfront, Loews Coronado Bay and The Grand Del Mar.

  1. Iron Mountain Trail

Another great place to hike and exercise is Iron Mountain Trail. Dogs who have a lot of energy to burn will love this nearly six mile nature trail. Make sure to bring plenty of water. It will take more than two hours to complete the entire course.

  1. Martin Luther King Promenade

Public places are some of the best spaces for dogs who need socializing or who are already social. The Martin Luther King Promenade lets you and your dog enjoy being in the midst of the city on a rail-trail that was made just for dog owners like you.