Just a quick check in this week! I’m sure you’re all wondering just how my baby Cam is doing, well, she’s still missing the adorable Amos a little bit but fortunately she’s got her best buds out in daycare to keep her company. Catahoula mix Bella and Maeby, a Boxer mix, know just how to get her worked up, playfully nibbling at her ankles before they take off chasing each other around the yard. The fire may have died down between Cam and Emberz, her big strong Shepherd mix, but they still put the wag in each other’s tail as they make their way to cuddle in the cool shade by the corner of the yard. Our lean, keen, toy chasing machine Punch is having a great time on her extended all inclusive vacation. Playing in the water, sunbathing, frolicking with friends, who needs Mexico when she has it all in her backyard.

Since moving on up to the big dog yard Boxer mix Loki has found a favorite playmate in a newcomer to the group, young Goldendoodle Maximus. Wherever they are together the two are inseparable and wrestle all day long. Loki even brings his best friend from home these days, Thai, a Shepherd mix pup. The three of them all pile on each other inciting all the young pups to join in. Lazy Daisy, our chill little Yorkie, and her sleepy sect of tiny Twiggy, Chihuahua Lady Bird (aka BABY BIRD!) and Jack Russell Jake were keeping it casual over on the little guy side. This comfortable crew knows how to kick back, sunbathing all morning before getting made in the shade of the palm in the afternoon. My Boxer buddies Torrey, Oliver, and Neve all made their usual appearance to share some love. Throughout the day you can find these three’s wiggling booties jumping into my lap to blow me kisses (or more accurately slobber). Even with all the mess their loving licks are still the icing on the top of my week.
Take care and hope see you all next week!