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A great dog day care can reverse work week boredom

A great dog day care can reverse work week boredom

doggie day careWith the hustle and bustle of work week life, it’s tough to find enough time for ourselves let alone our dogs. More than likely, while you’re off to work, your dog is probably bored or even getting into some mischief.

If this sounds like your kind of canine challenge then sending your dog to a doggie day care may be the perfect match.

A place like Fon-Jon Pet Care Center in San Diego affords ample room for your dog to run, play, bask in the sun and socialize.  And let’s not forget the “Fon-Jon TLC” they’ll get while they are with

Being that Fon-Jon is a top training center, some pet owners like to add some dog training to the day while their pups are there during the week for day care. That’s always a great option.

When your dogs are at Fon-Jon they’ll thoroughly enjoy:

  • Large outdoor yards
  • Fresh air
  • Canine buddies
  • Lots of attention
  • Private one-on-one special time

For more information on great doggie day care opportunities including dog training e-mail us at or give us a ring at (858) 273-2266.

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